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APRIL FOOLS: SNHU to Install Underground Tunnel System This Summer

Students may have thought that the sounds of construction were over after the CETA building’s expected completion over the summer of 2019. However, SNHU has decided to take on yet another project over the summer which may extend into the fall semester. Due to an immeasurable amount of complaints about the frigid weather in the winter, the administration of SNHU has decided to install
April Fool's

APRIL FOOLS: Hit Rapper ‘Lil Pump’ to Excite Students at Upcoming On-Campus Performance

In 2017, The Coordinators of Activities and Programing Events (CAPE) welcomed Fetty Wap onto the SNHU campus for their annual major concert. With tickets selling out in less than 24 hours, attendance reached historical proportions. Although the then-popular rapper put on a memorable show, he will soon be dethroned as the biggest artist to take SNHU by storm. Fresh off the release of his
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APRIL FOOLS: RadioSNHU Turns On, Now Live on SiriusXM and IHeartRadio

SNHU reiterated its commitment to its Communication program through the expansion and extended funding of RadioSNHU. The station will now be available on SiriusXM satellite radio and via streaming through the iHeartRadio.com’s internet radio platform starting May 1. RadioSNHU Advisor Stephanie Booshame announced that the student-run channel, formerly a campus-only radio station available exclusively online, had been considering an FM license. Research showed that
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APRIL FOOLS: AHH-SNHU: SNHU Announces New Mascot Starting Fall 2020

Last month, SNHU distributed emails to all on-campus and online students asking them to fill out surveys to gain a student perspective on the university. The surveys asked students a variety of questions regarding the overall image of the school. A major portion of the questions focused on the school’s mascot, Petey the Penmen. Questions included how students feel when they see the mascot,
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APRIL FOOL’S: Paul LeBlanc Announces New Partnership With Fetty Wap

Each year, almost exactly around this time of year to be exact, University President Paul LeBlanc announces a new, wild career endeavor for the upcoming year. While his 2017 campaign for president of the United States did not play out as he had hoped, he is not letting this setback keep him from pursuing different dreams. Paul LeBlanc has announced that he will be
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APRIL FOOLS: SNHU to Spend Two Million Dollars on New Golf Course Behind Hospitality

The destruction of the townhouses has caused much debate over what should take their place, but after much discussion, university officials agreed upon incorporating an 18-hole golf course that will be used restrictively for the men’s and women’s golf teams.  If construction goes according to plan, the course will open next fall. The decision comes after many complaints were filed about "inconvenient travel" to