SNHU will now become a fully online campus, complete with VR classes and sports teams. (image credit: Jaelle Matthieu/Emma Sheehan

In Fall of 2018, SNHU’s administration has decided to convert the campus into a fully online school.

Due to the confusion experienced by the public when saying that SNHU is not just an online school and that there is in fact a campus, the administration of Southern New Hampshire University has confirmed that the entire SNHU campus will be torn down and replaced with virtual reality (VR) technology.

The VR gear will include multiple applications to give students a full college experience and will cost the university upwards of 2.9 million dollars per student.

When asked about the large expense for the new technology, Paul LeBlanc states, “There is no price for the future of education.”

The amenities for the VR campus include a new athletic application, including an endless swimming pool with no threat of drowning and no life guards needed. It will also come with new sporting equipment. Because of the sports being completely virtual, the SNHU E-sports team will now be considered an official sports team. Practice times are yet to be discussed.

The textbook application is free and fully stocked with textbooks. However, in-app purchases are mandatory. The professor’s jobs will be intact, but rather than a classroom they will livestream their lectures in real time to the student’s devices. Staff will be paid as usual and they will be able to teach from the comfort of their homes.

The option to live on campus is still available. With increasing technological advancements, the transition from home to virtual home will feel almost seamless. However, it will cost a bit extra in the patent pending SNHU Residence Life application.

Petey the Penmen shared his personal statement on the matter in the following quote: “Change is inevitable!”

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