Live Life and Learn from Love

Fall in love in college. Or, at the very least, be open to the idea of it. Far more than achieving a high GPA or preparing for a job, college is about absorbing as many life lessons and personal experiences as humanly possible. Structured as it may seem, a college environment is the most easily accessible epicenter of tolerable chaos and spontaneity.  It’s one

Canva Steals Jobs for Graphic Design Students

As a graphic designer, Canva is the bane of my existence. Canva is a website where any Joe Schmoe can pick out a template designed by other creators, put their information in and plaster it on the walls and boards around campus. However, there are few templates that are not exclusively dedicated to a single type of event. There are bake sales, sports games

Opinion: Proposal Gives Governing Boards Special Treatment

*****************************UPDATED April 17, 2019 3:00 p.m.***************************** A drafted policy from the Student Activities Fee Oversight Committee allows governing boards to circumvent the standard conference proposal process. The student body should not stand for clubs not being given equitable treatment. The proposal states, “We propose that professional development conferences for the governing boards, Inter-Greek Council (IGC), Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (CAPE), and Student

CAPE Can Avoid a Concert Flop by Asking What We Think

Who else almost didn’t notice that SNHUStock happened? The concert left just as quickly as it came this year. CAPE hosted Groove Boston, a DJ group catered to college students. This was their second consecutive year as the headliner for SNHUStock. The event saw 700 students, according to CAPE, and around 500 students according to SGA’s Penmen Pride system, the organization's platform to track

Know Your Community: New Castle

Only one building on campus can properly exemplify the environment first-year students should find themselves in when they first live on campus. It's one building that takes all hopes for a luxurious lifestyle and tosses them in the Merrimack. One building so bland, that the color grey would say it looks dull. A building that couldn’t even escape a name that bore the burden

A Changing SGA Brings Controversial Marketing Strategies

The SNHU Student Government Association (SGA) is in the process of implementing numerous changes to its organization. These changes include elections for members of the SGA e-board and student senate, a complete overhaul to the structure of how it functions as an organization and an improved focus on its mission. As a result, students of SNHU and residents, in particular, have recently been exposed

How the Winter Class Cancellation Policy Affects Commuters

During the bitter winter months, students pray for snowfall in hopes of class cancellations. For some students, even the smallest amount of snowfall can get them excited for a snow day. However, not too many people know the process the university goes through to cancel classes due to snow. The Penmen Press spoke with the individual responsible for making this hefty decision: Associate Vice
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Know Your Community: Monadnock

Every year, students are subjected to the greatest stressor of the modern college era. Outside of finals, tuition costs, financial aid, grade point averages, procrastination, lack of sleep, impending debt, the fear of catastrophic failure after graduating and worst of all, sleeping in too late on a Saturday and realizing that the omelette line is no longer open, there is the impending dread of