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The Need For A Sensory Room

What is a sensory room? This is a question that many students have been asked and here lies an answer. A sensory room is a relaxation room that focuses on stimulating your five senses: touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste. This would be a room on campus where students who are overwhelmed by classes or life can go to relax. This room would have

Preventing the Fall of the Lego Tower: Identifying Burnout and Tips for Burnout Prevention

Burnout is that feeling when life’s opportunities stock up like a child’s Lego tower, one block away from falling over. American culture requires us to spend a large portion of our day at work, which for many is the main source of the climbing Legos. It might also be school, extended family, or the kids; but it is burnout regardless of the definition or

Student Experience with Accessibility at SNHU

Creating an accepting academic environment starts with making education attainable to all. Accommodating the needs of students who live with physical, mental, or sensory disabilities creates equal opportunities for students to learn. While faculty and staff at SNHU recognize the importance of accessibility, students share their personal experiences regarding on-campus accessibility. "The campus and all the buildings are very accessible, I've never had any

Stark Hall Demolished, So What Now?

The demolition of Stark Hall, which was located beside Exeter Hall, occurred at the end of October. The demolition lasted approximately two weeks with different stages for the removal of the building. Students, especially those in Kingston Hall, enjoyed watching two excavators tear the building shreds. While what's next for the space is undecided, an "adult playground" and activity center would be a staple

Culinary Freedom, or Kitchen Nightmare?

The uncleanliness of Kingston's communal kitchen is a calamitous nightmare. Dishes pile so high in the sink that residents have no way to clean their own; as a result, students have resorted to placing dirty dishes on top of the microwave. This unsanitary environment stretches beyond simple chores and has begun to put other students' health at risk. The cupboards, which once held all

Homecoming is Back and Better Than Ever

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19, in-person Homecoming returned to campus from October 14-16. Many alumni and parents were found exploring the campus, participating in events, and attending athletic events. Homecoming is a treasured event and a great opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the campus they once called home. During the Street Fair on October 15, the SETA Green Space was packed

Campus Participation at a Lull

The college experience amounts to juggling class, work, schoolwork, and other obligations. In between those priorities, students take on various clubs, organizations, and sports. They also attend campus events. While this is the presumed life of a typical college student, participation in various events and organizations has been at a low for the Fall '22 semester. This leads to the question: what happened to

More Than One Transition: Gender, Sexuality, and Freedom of Identity at SNHU

With new students joining SNHU, many are getting their first taste of adult independence. The transition from high school to college is often remembered fondly. Students spark connections, gain choices in their education, try different clothing styles, and experiment with who they want to be. Yet, how much do students change the moment they gain independence? Does their self-expression reflect previous expectations? Or do

What are Vice President Brezinski’s Visions for SNHU

What are the main objectives of a campus president? As an administrator, almost every aspect of the university, from residence life to wellness and academics is concerned. “The first thing to have in mind is to reestablish a community,” said Don Brezinski, the Executive Interim Vice President. Brezinski entered his role after serving as President LeBlanc’s chief of staff and was appointed during the

The Future for Snow Days at SNHU

Snow days no more? That’s the big question being asked by the student body after the recent passing of the blizzard in February. While the snowfall certainly had an impact on campus, it took until a second snowstorm to reassure students that snow days would still occur. Or would they? According to Cara Procek, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs and coordinator of snow