April Fool's

APRIL FOOLS: RadioSNHU Turns On, Now Live on SiriusXM and IHeartRadio

SNHU reiterated its commitment to its Communication program through the expansion and extended funding of RadioSNHU. The station will now be available on SiriusXM satellite radio and via streaming through the iHeartRadio.com’s internet radio platform starting May 1. RadioSNHU Advisor Stephanie Booshame announced that the student-run channel, formerly a campus-only radio station available exclusively online, had been considering an FM license. Research showed that

How to SNHU: Communicating with Professors

Connecting with professors, advisors and administrators is never as complicated as it seems, and they’re all here to help you if you let them. Understanding a few simple “ground rules” can help build relationships and effective communication. For example: All professors have office hours, and many post those on their office doors. Don’t be afraid to visit them in person. Introduce yourself on a

APRIL FOOL’s: Construction Updates

This article is part of The Penmen Press's annual April Fool's edition. Even journalists need to have fun once in a while... SNHU’s success as a regional education powerhouse means that as more students than ever enroll, there is an increasing demand for courses, athletics, housing and parking. To meet the demands, the Manchester campus looks like a construction zone already, with more to