SNHU Provides Financial Aid During Government Shutdown

On January 15, President Paul LeBlanc sent a memo to the SNHU community concerning the government shutdown and acknowledging how it may be affecting students, faculty and staff. The email also mentioned that the administration has received many inquiries from the people of SNHU and that it is difficult to help everyone because "every situation is different." Despite this setback, LeBlanc said, "What we

Women’s Soccer Season Gets Cut Short

The Women’s Soccer Team had their 2018 quest to be crowned Northeast 10 Conference Champions for the second year in a row snatched by Assumption College on November 2 at Penmen Stadium. The Penmen suffered a crushing defeat, 2-0, ending their chances of victory. The Penmen finished the season with a 14-4-3 record and a .738 winning percentage. They scored a total of 42

Inkwell Studios is a Place for Collaboration and Creativity

Collaboration is key in any profession, and a space that allows people to work together is often one that cultivates success. The new Inkwell Studios in Robert Frost aims to welcome students from various disciplines to help create and develop projects with their peers in the game design programs. Inkwell Studios is one of the many new installments that was put into Robert Frost
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Cheat Codes Exceeds Expectations

Friday nights are usually busy nights on campus with students making their way to their respective weekend plans. On Friday, October 19, the SNHU community came together to enjoy this year’s major concert put on by CAPE featuring Cheat Codes with SNHU alumna DJ Halestorm as the opener. The Fieldhouse in the Athletic Complex was bustling with energy as attendees danced to the hype

Earn Big Bucks With These Scholarship Contests

The students of SNHU are fortunate that administration and other departments are constantly looking for ways to reward students for their variety of talents. During the month of October, SNHU will be running two contests: SNHU’s Annual Fall Fiction Contest and the Art Exhibition Contest. Each one has a variety of prizes available to the winners including scholarships and features in SNHU’s publications. The

Suitcase Stories Carries Important Baggage

It can sometimes be hard to remember how privileged we are as Americans and the freedoms that we take advantage of every day. People often lose sight of how difficult it can be in other countries and why many people choose to come here. On Sunday, September 30 at 7 p.m., the Palace Theater in Manchester sanctioned the International Institute of New England (IINE)

New Dining Furniture Shines Too Bright of a Light on What’s to Come

Any returning SNHUdents who have been in the dining hall may have noticed a few changes to the decor. The once red and black wooden chairs and wooden tables have been replaced with more modern looking blue and white chairs and plastic, stark white tables. These new pieces were installed around graduation time in May 2018, and one would have thought that perhaps the