Trip to Guatemala Will Bring Students to an Indigenous Mayan Community for Documentary Video Production

In 1980, the Guatemalan government launched “Operation Sophia,” with the intention of ending the civil wars that were plaguing the country for 20 years. This mission would direct the Guatemalan army to destroy the civilian bases where the guerilla movement hid and targeted indigenous Mayan communities who were suspected of supporting them. More than 626 villages were destroyed, more than 200,000 people were killed

Break the Silence Rally Cultivates a Welcoming SNHU Community

The President’s Commission for LGBTQIA+ Advocacy held its Break the Silence rally Friday, April 12 in the Last Chapter Pub. The rally followed the annual Day of Silence, a national protest to acknowledge and prevent the erasure of those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Rainbow balloons dotted the pub and were illuminated by dim rainbow lighting. Attendees could take stickers and pins off of the

Break the Silence for LGBTQIA+ Youth

The Day of Silence is a national day of acknowledgment for those in the LGBTQIA+ community who have lost their voice due to suicide, bullying or other forms of harassment. This year, it takes place on Friday, April 12, and the President’s Commission for LGBTQIA+ Advocacy at SNHU will be holding a Break the Silence rally in the Last Chapter Pub at 3 p.m.

The Bookery is More Than a Bookstore

A hidden gem lies at 844 Elm Street in Manchester. Surrounded by restaurants and cafes, it can be easy to overlook the small store with a stylized sign that reads Bookery Manchester. Yet, once inside, the Bookery immediately feels like home, with the smell of tea and coffee in the air and the sight of hundreds of books just waiting to be pulled from

Don’t Make Pedestrians Another Statistic

Anyone who has taken a driver’s ed course should know all the basic rules of driving. Stop at a stop sign, go when the light turns green, and when there is a crosswalk present, pedestrians always have the right of way. However, on SNHU’s campus, crosswalks seem to be obsolete, and I alone have had multiple experiences with people going 40 miles per hour
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APRIL FOOLS: SNHU to Install Underground Tunnel System This Summer

Students may have thought that the sounds of construction were over after the CETA building’s expected completion over the summer of 2019. However, SNHU has decided to take on yet another project over the summer which may extend into the fall semester. Due to an immeasurable amount of complaints about the frigid weather in the winter, the administration of SNHU has decided to install

SNHU to Host Second-Annual Student Film Showcase

The second annual Student Film Showcase will take place Saturday, April 20 in Walker Auditorium, and submissions for the showcase are being accepted until March 8. The Student Film Showcase is an hour’s worth of multiple short films submitted by SNHU’s own student filmmakers. The amount of submissions chosen will ultimately be determined by how many can fit within the hour time slot. Assistant Professor
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Former UNH Student Conquers Death and Embraces SNHU Community

Everybody has their own story. We pass by people every day who have countless experiences that contribute to the person they are today. Sydney Tassinari (’21) is no different. Tassinari's story begins when she attended the University of New Hampshire (UNH) at the Durham campus in fall 2017 for her freshman year of college. She immediately fell into a group of friends, enjoyed classes

SNHU Provides Financial Aid During Government Shutdown

On January 15, President Paul LeBlanc sent a memo to the SNHU community concerning the government shutdown and acknowledging how it may be affecting students, faculty and staff. The email also mentioned that the administration has received many inquiries from the people of SNHU and that it is difficult to help everyone because "every situation is different." Despite this setback, LeBlanc said, "What we