New Dining Furniture Shines Too Bright of a Light on What’s to Come

Any returning SNHUdents who have been in the dining hall may have noticed a few changes to the decor. The once red and black wooden chairs and wooden tables have been replaced with more modern looking blue and white chairs and plastic, stark white tables. These new pieces were installed around graduation time in May 2018, and one would have thought that perhaps the

Take Back the Night for Survivors

On Tuesday, September 25, the Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center will be operating an event called Take Back the Night on the Green Space at 7 p.m. Take Back the Night is a non-profit organization as well as an international event that is meant to consolidate participants against relationship, sexual and domestic violence in all forms. Campuses across the country organize marches, rallies and
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“The Nun” Adds Little to “The Conjuring” Universe

"The Conjuring" universe has been a staple of the horror community since its creation in 2013, with its writers slowly expanding upon the different evils that real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren had to face. On Friday, September 7, a new addition to the series called The Nun was released. The film is meant to elaborate on the origin story of the demon,

SNHU Fulfilling Student Needs with The Cupboard

College campuses struggle with the epidemic of food insecurity among students. SNHU is not immune to this problem. That's why staff from various offices have come together to create a solution called The Cupboard. The Cupboard is a reserve of food and basic personal necessities that is accessible to any SNHU community members in need of these items. Students, staff and faculty can visit

The Pub’s Booming Business Leads to Financial Kinks

The Last Chapter Pub experienced an increase in use from students over the course of the 2017-2018 school year; however, this increase in business resulted in difficulty managing the budget set aside for the Pub. Pub Business Manager Lorilee Mayberry (‘18) attributes the increase of the Pub’s business to changes the staff made this year. Some changes include different snack and alcohol options and
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Josh Harwood: The “Average Joe” of SNHU

Josh Harwood is a business professor here at SNHU and is also the advisor for the Kappa Delta Phi fraternity. Harwood grew up in his hometown of Sutton, New Hampshire. He was part of the last class that was accepted to New Hampshire College before they changed their name to Southern New Hampshire University and earned his degree in Business Administration with a minor

Public Safety is Prepared for the Worst

With the current atmosphere around gun violence, Public Safety provided details on the protocol for when a gun is present on campus. Some details have been excluded for the sake of security of the campus in the event of a crisis situation. According to SNHU’s Student Handbook, “possessing, displaying, using or distributing a firearm or any other weapon or explosive on property owned by
April Fool's Penmen Abroad

APRIL FOOL’S: Aliens: Did They Build SNHU’s Arch?

Over the Spring break, a mysterious archway was installed on North River Road to welcome students, faculty and guests to the campus. This archway features Southern New Hampshire University’s name on it, stands to be approximately fifteen feet tall and is made out of an unknown material. Many people have been questioning the origin of the arch. “I seriously had no idea this thing

SGA Approves Conference Budget Updates to Constitution

Amendments to the Student Government Association's (SGA) constitution were passed on Tuesday, March 6 to promote greater fiscal responsibility among clubs in light of the recent over-expenditures to the conference budget. The SGA offers a maximum budget of $100,000 to clubs and organizations to use for conferences each year. This budget is distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis and can be used to cover