After the destruction of the townhouses, a new golf course will take their place. (image credit: Emma Sheehan)

The destruction of the townhouses has caused much debate over what should take their place, but after much discussion, university officials agreed upon incorporating an 18-hole golf course that will be used restrictively for the men’s and women’s golf teams.  If construction goes according to plan, the course will open next fall.

The decision comes after many complaints were filed about “inconvenient travel” to golf practices. SNHU golf teams are furious about spending money on SNHU vans just to attend practices and are outraged over the inconvenient travel time as it cuts into practices. The Penmen are currently forced to travel 20 minutes out of their day to the Derryfield Country Club where their daily practices take place.

There have been many instances when players were late to practice because of traffic and that has resulted in disciplinary actions against the players. So, to avoid disruptive travel time and to keep the golf team’s budget at a minimum, the university plans to incorporate a two million dollar golf course to benefit only the golf teams.

As a whole, the university feels they made the right decision in incorporating a golf course to its campus, even though many students suggested adding study halls or an additional dining center to the open space.

Once demolition of the townhouses begins, the new golf course will be implemented. The course will begin behind the Hospitality Center and will span to the parking lot behind Webster. All trees and the stairs leading to Webster will be demolished, which will cause many students to walk inconveniently out of their way by walking all the way across River Road to get there. President Paul Leblanc, communications professor Dave Humphreys and graphic design professor Harry Umen will team up and cut down the trees themselves.

The parking lot next to Webster at the end of North River Road will also be dug up and the forest behind it will be destroyed. The land will be replaced with a beautiful state-of-the-art 18-hole golf course that will include stunning ponds and shallow sand pits. A 50 foot steel fence will surround the golf course ensuring no students other than the golf team will step foot on it.

“I’m so glad the school and the athletic department got together and discussed this,” said men’s and women’s head coach Jerry Johnson. “We are so tired of going all the way to the country club; it was such an inconvenience. Having our own course right here on campus is exactly what we need right now.”

Billy Mercades (’20), member of the men’s team, agrees with coach Johnson. He says he is “beyond excited for the new course” and it will allow “easy access to the players so no traveling is required.”

Once school gets out this spring, the demolition of the town houses and trees will begin, and Leblanc, Humphreys and Umen will put their lumberjack hats on to begin their summer project that will ultimately benefit the golf team.

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