(image credit: Emma Sheehan)

SNHU reiterated its commitment to its Communication program through the expansion and extended funding of RadioSNHU. The station will now be available on SiriusXM satellite radio and via streaming through the iHeartRadio.com’s internet radio platform starting May 1.

RadioSNHU Advisor Stephanie Booshame announced that the student-run channel, formerly a campus-only radio station available exclusively online, had been considering an FM license. Research showed that SNHU students, and the college-aged population in general, have turned away from terrestrial/commercial radio in recent years.

“Most colleges have FM stations, but regular radio is for old people,” explained Booshame. “By investing into expanded studio space and internet broadcast equipment, SNHU solidifies its place as a leader in online innovative education.”

The new RadioSNHU will be live on-air 24/7 and will be broadcast in the lobbies of all campus buildings, particularly the Student Center.

“It’s great to see SNHU supporting student broadcast efforts by promoting Student Center access,” said RadioSNHU Music Director Moe Licorice. “In the past, the school added insult to injury by not playing our own station proudly, but by also subjecting students to the tired repetitive playlists of the 70’s channel and the 80’s station. If we wanted to hear overplayed oldies like that, we’d ride in the car with our parents controlling the radio.”

RadioSNHU is expanding its programming as well to offer more variety and uncensored music choices. It will also feature student and faculty on-air personalities.

New shows range from the Penmen Press’ “What’s SNHU?” podcast to School of Business Professor Joshua Hardwood’s Minivan Music Hour, featuring songs selected strictly for young parents with children in the vehicle. Also featured will be “Patty’s Punk Palace,” a SNHU officer hosted show dedicated to new wave and post-punk music from the Midwest, and the “Dad Bod Rapper Hour,” with Communication professor Jon Boroshok spinning hits from Post Malone, Khalid and other current artists.

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