Amphora; A Greek Restaurant with Gusto

The bright, vivid flavors of the authentic Greek cuisine have the ability to transport us to the beautiful island destination of Santorini or the ancient historical gem of Athens. Greek-American restaurants serving up obligatory plates of Greek salad and baklava are common throughout the region, but genuine Greek eateries offering a full range of classics are much less prolific. Despite its compact size and
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APRIL FOOLS: Hit Rapper ‘Lil Pump’ to Excite Students at Upcoming On-Campus Performance

In 2017, The Coordinators of Activities and Programing Events (CAPE) welcomed Fetty Wap onto the SNHU campus for their annual major concert. With tickets selling out in less than 24 hours, attendance reached historical proportions. Although the then-popular rapper put on a memorable show, he will soon be dethroned as the biggest artist to take SNHU by storm. Fresh off the release of his
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Coffee, Tea and Community at A and E

Very few beverages are more widely consumed and appreciated than coffee. The seemingly mystical properties of this popular beverage are what give many people the energy and motivation they need to embrace the day, yet few are aware of the intricacies or the origins of their favorite pick-me-up. At A&E Coffee and Tea in downtown Manchester, NH, quality and sustainability are of the utmost
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Restoration Cafe Takes A Modern Approach to Healthy Eating

Healthy eating has never been more accessible than it is now, yet the idea that nutritious eating is boring, bland and uninspired remains a commonly-held belief. This may play a role in the failure of countless new year’s resolutions. However, there is a unique little café that is attempting to change people’s perceptions of what healthy eating can be. Restoration Café in downtown Manchester

Black Forest Cafe Puts a Creative Spin on Classic Dishes

Among the many factors that promote the success of a restaurant is versatility. Offering a diverse menu, unpretentious surroundings and multiple dining options enables an establishment to appeal to a broad range of people. No other New Hampshire eatery may embrace this concept more effectively than the Black Forest Café, a community gathering place that has been in business for thirty years. This commanding,

CCEL Becomes The Chandler Center, Welcomes New Name and New Service Initiatives

The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) has been a valuable resource for students seeking to be a part of something bigger than themselves for over ten years. The center is SNHU’s hub for service projects and programs that enable the SNHU community to make a difference on a local, national and international level. CCEL is looking to further expand its influence by unveiling
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“Christine McConnell” is Worth a Taste of Something Spooky

With the arrival of Halloween comes the unyielding allure of sugar. This leads many of us to stock up on candy and attach ourselves to our television screens in pursuit of binge-watching Halloween Wars, Halloween Baking Championship and other Food Network standbys. For those craving something darker, bolder and freakier, "The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell" may be what moves the Ouija board. This unapologetically