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Self Care Tips to Avoid End of Year Burnout

The end of a school year can be filled with a lot of stress and anxiety about finishing everything on time. As the academic year draws to a close, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with final projects, papers, and exams. Amidst it all, it’s important to prioritize self-care to maintain both mental and physical well-being. Here are some effective tips to help navigate
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How Getting Involved On Campus Can Change Everything

Students can get involved on campus in many ways. Clubs, organizations, and events are all open for students to join and attend. Events happen on campus all the time; students can find what interests them and go to the event. There is something for everyone out there. Flyers hang around campus on bulletin boards with information about different clubs and events that are happening
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How SNHU Could Be Connected By Passenger Rail

SNHUdents who have lived on the west side of campus know about the train tracks running along the Merrimack River. However, most do not know that those train tracks run far up north and south. It's called the New Hampshire Main Line, and it runs 50 miles from Lowell, MA to Concord, NH. It connects the three largest cities in New Hampshire: Manchester, Nashua,
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The Effect of Late Winter on Birds

Students and faculty at SNHU have experienced an out-of-the-ordinary start to the winter season. Not only have operations been dealing with power outages and extensive ice on walkways, but the community has been noticing strange patterns of temperature and weather that some scientists say are affecting bird populations. November alone was considered as one of the warmest months in post-industrial revolution history, says Jeff

The Masters Program: From a SNHU Students Perspective

Madailein Lindsay graduated from SNHU in 2022. She is now enrolled in the master's program at SNHU and will complete her requirements during the last week of August 2023. Lindsay chose to go to SNHU for the master's program because she found an education plan that aligned with her desired start and end times. It was recommended to her by a dean in the

“Everywhere You Go” Is An Adventure In San Francisco

I've never been on a plane before, or even across the country. All I've ever known is the lull of the road and the familiarity of the East Coast. Then, I had the chance of a (collegiate) lifetime to travel to a place I'd never been before: San Francisco. After waking up at 3:30am for an hour-long drive to the Logan International Airport, followed

Spring Experiential Learning Fair Coming on March 20

Students interested in classes offering experiential learning and projects with clients are invited to the Spring 2023 Southern New Hampshire University Experiential Learning Fair. The event will be held in the upper dining hall on Monday, March 20. The fair helps SNHU students preview classes prior to registering for Fall 2023. Student representatives will be available to provide information on Tuesday, March 21 from

Office Spotlight: International Student Services (ISS)

The office of International Student Services (ISS), located in the Green Center, room 108, helps international students with their time at SNHU. Once international students are on campus, the office supports them through the process of being an SNHU student. “The students are first supported by International Admissions. This includes receiving their initial immigration documents and receiving support while they apply to the US

Office Spotlight: Office of Diversity Programs

The Office of Diversity Programs (ODP) is a home away from home for students of all identities. The main goals of the office are support, education, and celebration. Kayla Page, Senior Director of Inclusive Learner Engagement, discussed the basis of the office. "There's a lot of things that are essential in ODP. We spend a lot of time thinking about ways in which race,

How To Communicate With Professors

One of the challenges of being a college student is knowing how and when to communicate with professors. Students may also find it difficult to reach out for help from other campus resources. These can be simple and beneficial skills if done correctly. SNHU professors and professional staff were surveyed to help with common communication opportunities for students. How and When to Contact a