SNHU Tennis Takes a Swing at Spring

After a year off, SNHU Men's and Women's Tennis has finally returned to campus to play an abridged spring season in the NE-10 conference. This is all occurring with new rules and restrictions in place to ensure the safety and health of the players, such as weekly testing and wearing masks during daily practices. Everyone involved is excited to resume their seasons, which were

SNHU Baseball is Sliding into 2021 Season

SNHU's baseball team began their season on March 25 at Stonehill College and finished their weekend with a 4-0 record after beating the Skyhawks 10-2, 3-1, 8-0 and 7-4 to roll out their season. With new COVID regulations in place, the baseball players are excited to hit the field again after not having a 2020 season. "I'm pretty excited. Seeing other schools practicing together

SNHU Student-Athletes Set Record for Academic Honor Roll Accolades

288 SNHU student-athletes made the NE10 Academic Honor Roll for keeping a 3.0 or better GPA during the fall semester. 75% of the student-athletes at SNHU are on this list which makes them ranked 5th in the conference. SNHU led the conference in 4.0 GPAs with 69 students hitting that threshold. Given the current online environment, it’s easy to lose focus on grades and
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Spring Athletes Return to Campus 

SNHU spring athletes will return to campus on March 1. With the NE10’s recent announcement that spring sports will be returning for the 2021 season, many students questioned whether SNHU Spring Sports would be resuming play since the decision to return is ultimately up to the individual school’s discretion. With this great unknown, the new information acquired from athletes has provided new clarity in

What SNHU Needs For a Swim Team

With all the athletic opportunities SNHU has to offer, how would the university support a future swim team? "All sports are supported by a university budget, just as many different areas on campus are supported," said Anthony Fallacaro, Director of Athletics and Recreation, when asked about how SNHU would pay for a team. "We do offset some of the costs with alumni donations to

How are Athletic Scholarships Affected by the New Tuition Cut?

Recently, SNHU announced a lower tuition rate for all incoming students. Which begs the question, how this will affect the athletics department? The department spends a million dollars every year on equipment, maintenance and scholarships. Anthoney Fallacaro, the Athletic Director, when asked how the athletic department will be affected said, “We normally have around 65 scholarships that we break up amongst 450 athletes. We

Fall Sports Canceled but Spring Sports Hopeful

The NE10 canceled fall sports for the 2020-2021 season, including championships, on Wednesday, January 13. This comes as the spring semester commences for SNHU. The Conference Council of Presidents made this decision after a recommendation from the NE10 Athletics Council, according to Penmen Athletics. In addition, SNHU will not participate in any athletic competition that reside independently from the conference. With athletes having been

Men’s Basketball Gears up for Winter Season

“One thing that’s still the same is the game," said Corry Long, SNHU Men’s Basketball’s senior guard for the 2021 season. Directly after a competitive 2019-2020 season, the SNHU men’s basketball team has been apart since March when COVID-19 hit the United States. The NE10 decided to suspend winter sports until December 30, pending the team’s return. If approved for January, the Penmen are

Why Doesn’t SNHU Have A Football Team?

SNHU has 20 different athletic teams that house a range of different sports, but one popular sport that is played by most colleges is missing from the list: football. When teams are being considered for the SNHU roster, there are several questions that must be answered. One major question is whether this sport will fall in line with the federal mandate typically referred to

NE10 Suspends Fall Sports for the 2020 Season: What Happens Now?

The Northeast-10 (NE10) suspended conference-sponsored competition for this upcoming fall semester leaving its contender, SNHU, expunged from fall sports. Furthermore, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II canceled its 2020 fall championships, likewise leaving SNHU’s fall teams with no trophies to compete for in 2020. Under normal circumstances, the majority of fall athletes would return to school in August to give them time