(image credit: Emma Sheehan/SNHU Student Involvement)

In 2017, The Coordinators of Activities and Programing Events (CAPE) welcomed Fetty Wap onto the SNHU campus for their annual major concert. With tickets selling out in less than 24 hours, attendance reached historical proportions. Although the then-popular rapper put on a memorable show, he will soon be dethroned as the biggest artist to take SNHU by storm.

Fresh off the release of his second studio album, “Harverd Dropout,” Rapper Lil Pump will hype up the SNHU Athletic Complex on Wednesday, April 31.

Known for his infectious personality, thought-provoking lyrics and hard beats, Lil Pump broke loose from the underground Soundcloud scene with the release of the hit single “Gucci Gang” in 2017. The song, which peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, propelled Pump to international stardom.

“Gucci Gang is a lifestyle. It’s not my lifestyle, but I’ve got tons of friends that live it every day. I wanted to give them a voice,” said Pump.

The 18 year-old rapper formerly claimed that he was giving the commencement speech at Harvard University, his alma mater. The Ivy League recently denied Pump’s claims, stating that Angela Merkel will be the 2019 Commencement Speaker.

After hearing about the success of Fetty Wap’s performance at SNHU, Pump turned a potentially disappointing situation into a promising opportunity. This performance is not being organized by CAPE, but rather by Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Evans, an avid Lil Pump listener.

“I was skeptical when I first heard students talking about this new rapper. Then I gave his music a chance, and I was really surprised. He really has a special way with words,” said Evans.

The two men met at an undisclosed location in February. Evans claims that they had “good chemistry and mutual opinions on many topics.” The meeting reportedly ended with Pump asking if he could perform at SNHU, an offer which Evans enthusiastically accepted.

Pump is expected to perform several songs from his Harverd Dropout album including the hit songs, “Esskeetit,” “I Love It” and “Butterfly Doors.” There are rumors that he may bring along his good friend Smokepurrp along with him.

Attendance is expected to surpass the Fetty Wap concert. To curb the potential overflow, hallway tickets will be sold at a discounted price. Tickets can be purchased on SNHU Tickets starting April 10.

“SNHU is a boss school. I’ma get the crowd hyped. It’ll be the best thing ever,” said Pump.

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