Last-Minute Opportunities

Securing an internship or job for the summer is something many students aim to do. If one hasn’t, no need to worry, there are still plenty of opportunities to connect with employers and snag the perfect internship or job to help you gain experience this summer. Students that need internships or jobs over the summer should first start searching on SNHU Recruit. This database

Kingston Up, Suites Down

As the SNHU campus continues to evolve and grow, new Residence Halls go up. This also means that older halls come down. Last year the upper suites Winnisquam and Chocorua, along with the Kearsarge apartments, were torn down in order to construct the new and anticipated Kingston Hall. This year the lower suites, Whittier Hall and two townhouses, Sunapee and Cranmore are all being

SGA Voter Turnout Down 13 Percent Since 2015

This spring election for Student Government Association (SGA) senate and executive board saw the lowest voter turnout rate in five years, with only 15 percent of the eligible student population participating (421 students). This represents a 13 percent decrease since spring elections of 2015, with the presidential election of Caroline Fleming and Sarah Lawton. Last April’s spring elections (Ashlee Lindsey v. Ryan Evaul) saw

Public Safety Prepares The Community for Active Shooter Situations

In the case of an active shooter situation, people are often confused on how to respond. On April 10 in Walker Auditorium, Public Safety provided answers. Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training teaches faculty and students how to respond in the case of an active shooter situation. Kevin Lee and Dan Reilly from Public Safety gave this lecture to a group of

The Future of SNHU Culinary is Uncertain

Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Evans is recommending a teach-out of the SNHU Culinary program. On April 3, Evans sent out an email to students who are enrolled in the culinary program that outlined his reasoning for this recommendation. Evans offered a similar recommendation in January of 2017. His main concerns were the high cost associated with running the program and declining enrollment.
News Sports

SNHU Baseball Goes Viral

Recently, SNHU has been making a significant presence on social media. From hosting events such as the fall Fetty Wap concert to the incident of an online professor claiming Australia is not a country, SNHU has been receiving a tremendous amount of national attention. The attention is now shifting more toward SNHU’s sports teams, particularly the baseball team. On April 8, Penmen Productions posted