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Montague’s Career is a Slam Dunk for Men’s Basketball

“You always have to work hard- nothing is ever given to you. It’s always earned. You have to put in the time if you want to be successful, and work hard every single day,” said Shawn Montague ('20). For starting forward and co-captain Montague, this advice is something to live by every day that not only pertains to basketball, but to life. Hailing from

Trip to Guatemala Will Bring Students to an Indigenous Mayan Community for Documentary Video Production

In 1980, the Guatemalan government launched “Operation Sophia,” with the intention of ending the civil wars that were plaguing the country for 20 years. This mission would direct the Guatemalan army to destroy the civilian bases where the guerilla movement hid and targeted indigenous Mayan communities who were suspected of supporting them. More than 626 villages were destroyed, more than 200,000 people were killed

Political Engagement Grows with a Bernie Sanders Rally

As the primaries and presidential election edge closer, more students are turning their eyes to the future of 2020. Inevitably, New Hampshire and the college student demographic is a top priority for many candidates, so it’s likely that the campus will keep seeing hopeful presidential visitors. For a few students, this has ignited efforts to bring more political engagement closer to home. Political activity

SNHU Commits to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

It’s well known that one of the institutional goals for SNHU surrounds the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students quickly understand this when joining SNHU by having to take First Year Seminar, which aims to explore diversity issues in the classroom. However, it is less known that SNHU has developed a full five-year strategic plan to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in

PRESS RELEASE: The Senior Events Committee Announces the Senior Trip to Universal Studios

The Senior Events Committee is excited to announce that this year’s Senior Trip will be to Universal Studios in Orlando, F.L. The Senior Trip has taken place each year since its inception in May 2008. For the past 11 years, the trip has been to Walt Disney World in Orlando, but this year the location has changed due to a variety of factors which

SNHU Partners With Connection to Bring Students New Opportunities

SNHU has partnered up with Fortune 1000 company Connection to open up a brand new sales lab on campus in Webster Hall. The new lab offers SNHU students real world sales experience in the comfort of their own campus. On October 23, members of the SNHU and Connection communities joined together for a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the opening of the sales lab.  Students will

Press Release: International Education Week Comes to SNHU

International Education Week will be celebrated on campus, November 11-15. Over the week there will be a variety of educational and social events that we encourage students, faculty and staff to enjoy. Here is the list of our upcoming programs, make sure to pop reminders in your calendars now so you do not miss these great events. MONDAY, November 12 – FRIDAY, November 15

Money, Money, Money: Clarifying the Rumors of SNHU’s Financial State

Accessibility is a buzzword in higher education right now. It dominates most of the conversations at SNHU, whether it’s in the classroom or at an event. It comes from faculty, staff and administration alike. It’s the goal for SNHU. Money has lead to the development of a five-year diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) plan. It has also meant considering what the learning environment of

Dining Center Mystery Debunked

Recently, there have been rumors spreading that the price of items at the dining center have increased. With exponentially decreasing dining dollars and increasing concern among students, the rumors appeared true. “They charge us tax on top of the already high prices they’re charging us for food,” one student said in response. However, the rumors have been found to be untrue. In general, the

Joker Review: Why Disabilities Should Not Be Ignored

In what may be the most important movie of our generation, "Joker" provides a look into how society should and should not treat those with mental impairments. Mental disabilities are not always talked about due to the stigma surrounding them, but "Joker" ignores this and takes a look at the treatment of that group. Whereas many might see this as just another interpretation of