“High Hopes” That The Student Center Will Stop Playing Songs On Repeat

Whenever you set foot into the Student Center here on campus, you can hear music being played over the speakers. It is nice to have this as some background noise when doing work or eating breakfast before your first class can be soothing. But if you spend any long periods of time in there you will realize just how mind-numbingly horrible the playlist they

Working Over the Summer is Worth It

The summer months are generally regarded as a period of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for students of all ages. The hustle and bustle of schoolwork, athletics and leadership responsibilities have come to a halt, and many of us want nothing more than to spend time with friends or do nothing at all. However, this dream of a summer free from responsibilities is often corrupted

New Dining Furniture Shines Too Bright of a Light on What’s to Come

Any returning SNHUdents who have been in the dining hall may have noticed a few changes to the decor. The once red and black wooden chairs and wooden tables have been replaced with more modern looking blue and white chairs and plastic, stark white tables. These new pieces were installed around graduation time in May 2018, and one would have thought that perhaps the
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Primary Elections on Tuesday: A Stepping Stone to Trump’s Impeachment

As we watch Congress bicker over the legitimacy of President Donald Trump’s election into office, we should really be focusing on voting in the September primaries. Granted, U.S. citizens should be voting in every election; however, with allegations of corruption mounting, voting will determine President Trump’s future. The latest accusation against President Trump, more specifically the president’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, is campaign finance violations.

Is Tinder Really Worth It?

Is swiping right really worth it on tinder? There is no guarantee you’ll get a match, and it’s hard to be sure if the person will even message you back. Tinder is reaching its sixth year in September. In those six years it has barely changed its formula of simply swiping left or right to find a match. If you haven’t heard of Tinder,

The Perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly

When it comes to sandwiches, I’ll admit I am not the biggest fan (with the exception of breakfast sandwiches, those will always be good). I haven’t enjoyed eating lunch meat since bologna and cheese sandwiches in elementary school, and I am extremely picky when it comes to types of cheese and other condiments. Despite all of this, there is one sandwich I have always