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2024… The End Of An Era

Dear SNHU Community, Computers running, sweatpants on, bedroom door shut, and Zoom cameras turned on. Four years ago, that was our reality. In a world filled with uncertainty, students persevered through one of the darkest times in human history; COVID-19. Fast forward to today, and the SNHU class of 2024 is gearing up to graduate. As we prepare to walk across the stage adorned
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Amber DiPietro: Senior Letter

Although my time being a part of the Penmen Press was short-lived, having joined as a senior, it was impactful on my perspective of journalism and communications, and gave me new connections on campus and in the SNHU community.   Penmen Press was the only club I was a part of during my time at SNHU. After joining, I was voted as Staff Representative for
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How SNHU Could Become More Pedestrian Friendly

With the recent opening of Dunkin' on campus, foot traffic to the Academic Center has increased substantially. With this comes the question, how pedestrian friendly is SNHU? If we take a look at the crosswalks, sidewalks, and streets around campus, we can see that the answer is not friendly enough. With the large increase in foot traffic to the Academic Center, it's important for
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A Goodbye To SNHU

It is hard to sum up my three years at SNHU in a short letter. But I will start where it began.  When I made the decision to go to college at SNHU, it was in the middle of a global pandemic that would go on to drastically change my college career. As a result, my first year at SNHU was spent online, and
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Passing Of The Torch, Lisa Marsh Ryerson To Become SNHU President

After 20 years at the helm, SNHU announced that Paul LeBlanc will be stepping down as president effective June 30, 2024. The Board of Trustees unanimously voted for University Provost, Lisa Marsh Ryerson, to take over on July 1, 2024. Since joining SNHU, Ryerson has embraced the community and is excited to continue her work in this new role. "[There is such] joy and
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A Love Letter to SNHU

Dear SNHU, I am sitting here in my apartment trying to sum up my experience of the past four years. Starting online in my childhood bedroom wasn't how I pictured becoming a college student. I had dreamed of joining clubs, making new friends, and becoming the best version of myself. It seemed so out of reach and so far away...yet here I am four
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SNHU Choir Spotlight

The choir at SNHU began in 2013. Currently, the choir is made up of eight students. Brenda LaForce, SNHU Concert Choir Director and Private Voice Teacher, started directing the choir this September. "The choir has 8 wonderful singers at the moment. Between COVID and a few years without having a consistent director, enrollment has declined. I know there are a lot of fantastic singers
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Robotics Club Spotlight

The Southern New Hampshire University Robotics Team recently surpassed its first anniversary, having started the club in the spring semester of 2023. The Robotics Club executive board is made up of four members with Joseph Sedutto as President, Brandon Sawyer as Vice President, Matthew MacDonald as Treasurer, and David Brideau as Secretary. One of the previous events the Robotics Club has been a part
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SNHU’s New Design Thinking Lab

The Design Thinking Lab is a new space on campus for students, faculty, and staff to create and collaborate. Over the summer, it was transformed into a space that the SNHU community can utilize. The lab's intended goal is to provide an "open space of possibility" on campus that anyone can use. Brandon Crose, Assistant Game Design Professor, is the lab manager. He emphasizes
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Humanities Festival 2024

On April 17 from 2-5 p.m., SNHU is holding the annual Humanities Festival to celebrate art, philosophy, and culture. Various student organizations, offices, and academic departments will be participating. This year, it will be bigger than ever in regards to the events and activities.   There have been tireless efforts from many different student groups, including the graphics team of students that created all