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Spring Athletes Return to Campus 

SNHU spring athletes will return to campus on March 1. With the NE10’s recent announcement that spring sports will be returning for the 2021 season, many students questioned whether SNHU Spring Sports would be resuming play since the decision to return is ultimately up to the individual school’s discretion. With this great unknown, the new information acquired from athletes has provided new clarity in
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Why Students Should Apply for Scholarships and Learn About SNHU Billing

Even though the spring semester just began, it’s time for students to start thinking about paying next semester’s tuition. That can be a very scary thought, but it doesn't have to be. There are many ways to reduce each semester's bill. It's important to understand how student loans work. Applying for scholarships and learning about smart student loan practices can make the process much
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Former SNHU Professor Charged with Possession of Child Sexual Abuse Images and Prostitution

Former SNHU Professor Joshua Harwood, 36, was arrested Thursday, February 4, on two counts of manufacture child sexual abuse images, prostitution involving a child under 18, and possession of child sexual abuse images. Harwood was employed at Concord High School at the time of his arrest, but was on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Concord police department. The investigation began on December
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The Significance of Climate Change

This column is contributed by SNHU's Environmental Club. “How could global warming be real if the weather has been so blah blah blah?” This is a question many environmental scientists are asked on a regular basis. Indeed, global warming is related to climate change, but climate change is much more than that. To explain, it is important to make the distinction between weather and
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Know Your Community: Monadnock

Every year, students are subjected to the greatest stressor of the modern college era. Outside of finals, tuition costs, financial aid, grade point averages, procrastination, lack of sleep, impending debt, the fear of catastrophic failure after graduating and worst of all, sleeping in too late on a Saturday and realizing that the omelette line is no longer open, there is the impending dread of
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Coffee, Tea and Community at A and E

Very few beverages are more widely consumed and appreciated than coffee. The seemingly mystical properties of this popular beverage are what give many people the energy and motivation they need to embrace the day, yet few are aware of the intricacies or the origins of their favorite pick-me-up. At A&E Coffee and Tea in downtown Manchester, NH, quality and sustainability are of the utmost
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Introducing SNHU’s League of Legends Team

League of Legends is always the focus in esports. This game has existed for nine years, and in 2018, SNHU officially incorporated a collegiate esports team. League of Legends, however, was considered the most.  Typically, there are five roles in League of Legends: the top-lane, mid-lane, support, carry and jungler. Sultan Akhter, the captain of the team and ex-platinum-four and a current gold-three player