Green Space during homecoming weekend (image courtesy: Elise Fasano)

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19, in-person Homecoming returned to campus from October 14-16. Many alumni and parents were found exploring the campus, participating in events, and attending athletic events.

Homecoming is a treasured event and a great opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the campus they once called home.

During the Street Fair on October 15, the SETA Green Space was packed with people enjoying food trucks and participating in events hosted by clubs on campus. Many had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the college experience once again.

Student Government Association President Stephanie Matte (’23) is thrilled that the event is back in person for the first time since her freshman year.

“It was great to be able to have Homecoming back in person and to its full extent after years of being virtual or hybrid like we did last year,” said Matte. “Being able to see alumni, their families and friends, and current students, staff, and faculty come together to enjoy the Street Fair put on by so many campus partners really brought life back to campus and the Green Space.”

There were many memorable moments during Homecoming, but one particular aspect of the weekend stood out to Matte.

“The thing that stood out to me about this year’s Homecoming was the alumni to current student ratio,” said Matte. “I felt that we would see more current students out and about around campus, but there were a lot of alumni and their families that came around, which was great. I think a lot of current students were just overwhelmed…since this is likely the first full-out Homecoming they have seen at the higher education level.”

There is a sense of tradition that comes with Homecoming; the importance of keeping that tradition alive rests upon the students. After a few years of uncertainty and change, SNHU’s revamping Homecoming proves that the school prioritizes its alumni.

“Homecoming includes a lot of components and events for the alumni community specifically. They don’t call it Homecoming for no reason,” said Matte. “SNHU has such a strong community during students’ undergraduate time that Homecoming really does become an event where alumni truly come back home.”

Going forward, Homecoming 2022 is an event that students, parents, and alumni will remember. The SNHU community looks forward to Homecoming 2023 and bringing alumni back to campus.

“I think the SNHU community can expect to see a lot of similar components from this year, including the street fair and food trucks, along with many of the class reunion and alumni celebrations,” said Matte. “Hopefully, next year we will have more students involved with the celebration and an even larger number of alumni, as that community continues to grow with the graduation of the Class of 2023.”