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Club Spotlight: Radio SNHU

Radio SNHU is the hub for all things music and radio on campus. Their office is located on the left wing of the Student Center, near The Last Chapter Pub. The organization is best known for hosting Karaoke Night and Name That Tune. From radio shows and podcasts to DJing at events, the opportunities are endless for campus students. Matthew Majchrzak ('24) makes the
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SETA Annex Shuttle Is A SNHUdent’s Worst Nightmare

With the beginning of the new school year, many students are eager to be back in the classroom. One selling point that SNHU has over other universities is how most classes are within close proximity of each other. Many college students map out their schedules to maximize the amount of sleep that they get in a given night; this usually means waking up five
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SNHU Unveils New Logo

On August 11, the SNHU community received an email from SNHU President, Paul LeBlanc, stating that the university will be introducing a new logo. The change was made following a survey that was sent out to the SNHU community in the Fall 2021 semester. "Our new logo incorporates feedback from students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as external research. It reflects the richness
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President LeBlanc’s Vision for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

With a new school year rapidly approaching for the SNHU community, there are many questions regarding how this academic year will run. Paul LeBlanc, President of SNHU, expresses his optimism about the upcoming school year. However, SNHU has not seen a traditional year since the 2018-2019 academic year. After multiple years of uncertainty, it is unclear what students should expect. "We all know that
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New Date for Senior Trip Causes Concerns For Students

SNHU seniors have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements at the "happiest place on Earth" after years of hard work, dedication, and unexpected global challenges. In the past, the senior class trip occurred after classes wrapped up for the spring semester, however, SNHU moved it up to Spring Break. While this trip is open to all on-campus seniors, there is one group that will
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SNHU Athletics Looks to 2022-2023 After Winning Presidents’ Cup

The 2021-2022 school year was one for the athletic program's history books. As a whole, SNHU athletes, teams, and coaches earned countless awards that stood out in comparison to rival NE10 schools. Collectively, SNHU had four teams earn NE10 regular season championships, two teams earn NE10 conference championships, multiple teams earn national recognition, and six coaches who earned NE10 Coach of the Year honors.
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The Time to Make Campus Feel Like Home is Now

People often grow up aspiring to attend their dream college; the place where they belong. Between watching movies and reading books, people envision themselves in place of the characters living the ‘perfect’ college experience. However, expectations were marred over the past few years. Despite the setbacks, the SNHU community overcame every obstacle and now has a chance for a fresh start. As incoming and
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SNHU Baseball Goes Back To Back

The SNHU baseball team captured their second successive NE10 championship at Assumption University on Saturday, May 14. The win tallied the program's fourth overall NE10 title. This team has had success ever since head skipper, Scott Loiseau, took the helm. Winning back-to-back championships is no small feat with the level of competition in the NE10; Loiseau says the veteran presence on the team contributed
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Outdoor Track and Field Captures First NE-10 Title

On May 7, SNHU's track and field team accomplished what every NE10 team hopes to do: win the NE10 championship. Since its establishment in 2015, the team has grown from a club sport to a regionally ranked Division II program. The core of this team has been together since the fall, competing in cross country, indoor track and field, and now, outdoor track and
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SNHU Unveils Portrait In Honor of Edward S. Wolak

A portrait was unveiled in the honor of Edward S. Wolak at the Edward S. Wolak Library Learning Commons on May 4. Many members of the SNHU community attended the event, including SNHU President, Paul Leblanc, and Wolak himself. The portrait, painted by Richard Whitney, is located in the library atrium beside the fireplace. Wolak's term as a Board of Trustees member ended this