Stark Hall demolition site. (Image courtesy: Megan Charest)

The demolition of Stark Hall, which was located beside Exeter Hall, occurred at the end of October. The demolition lasted approximately two weeks with different stages for the removal of the building.

Students, especially those in Kingston Hall, enjoyed watching two excavators tear the building shreds.

While what’s next for the space is undecided, an “adult playground” and activity center would be a staple for students. It could also make SNHU stand out, as not many colleges have such amenities.

The playground would provide a place to recharge for students experiencing burnout or mental health issues. They would be able to get fresh air in a safe and fun environment. Having good mental health is important for students, and a space where they can feel a sense of joy and energy will help in the long run.

Kingston Hall Front Desk Manager, Amelia Mosnicka (’26), said a playground and activity center would benefit students on campus.

“It would give us the opportunity to feel like a kid again even though we are adults,” said Mosnicka. “The playground would be a good spot for outdoor events.”

There could be adult swings, a horseshoes arena, a gaga pit, and a sitting area with park benches and tables. It can also be a great place to do homework and build connections in the SNHU community.

“An adult playground would be a really cool hangout spot and to do more activities,” said Jace Henderson (’26), a Kingston resident.

The space would also provide an area to hold events. The key to this adult playground could be a gazebo, which could be a wonderful place to hold events including concerts and plays underneath the stars.

The playground could also feature “SNHU” spelled out in big letters; this touch would serve as a great photo place for campus tours, groups, and people visiting the university.

An adult playground will allow students to feel nostalgic for their childhood while building a community that feels like home.