What are Vice President Brezinski’s Visions for SNHU

What are the main objectives of a campus president? As an administrator, almost every aspect of the university, from residence life to wellness and academics is concerned. “The first thing to have in mind is to reestablish a community,” said Don Brezinski, the Executive Interim Vice President. Brezinski entered his role after serving as President LeBlanc’s chief of staff and was appointed during the
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SNHU Prepares to “Rock the Night Away”

RadioSNHU will be hosting the "Rock the Night Away" event at the Last Chapter Pub on December 4. This year's occasion will be bringing in students from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. "Rock the Night Away is a night for students to come and enjoy some great live music in the Pub," said Zachary Davidson, President of RadioSNHU ('22). "This will be

Crime on Campus: The Clery Report

With the annual Clery report now released, the faculty and students of SNHU now have access to public data that shows the safety profile of the campus. While the data only extends to last year, it provides a trend of how crime has shifted in three years (2018, 2019, 2020). With the advent of the COVID pandemic, there is a clear comparison for how

How has SNHU mitigated COVID on campus?

Looking back on its first post-COVID academic year, the SNHU administration and wider community have reflected on what they have learned and how effective their protocols have been in mitigating the spread of the virus. The fight to stop COVID's spread is one that involves all departments, and a lot has been learned from the hardships faced. At the center of SNHU’s plan is

SNHU Reflects on Fall Semester Performance

With the fall semester now months behind us, the SNHU administration has been evaluating student performance to plan for the future. "One of the things that [was] unique about the fall is that we saw some students that were high achieving that had really low grades this semester," said Leah Richards, Assistant Dean of Student Success. Richards also chairs the Scholastic committee, an administrative

Public Safety on Campus during COVID

Even with SNHU's campus mostly closed, public safety continues to aid the remaining faculty and students. Those utilizing SNHU’s emergency housing, grounds keeping, or those that need to be on campus to do their jobs are all being watched over by public safety. "Public safety includes general services such as helping students who may be locked out of their room, helping them access their

How SNHU is Adapting to COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to reshape the world, colleges are scrambling to deliver effective solutions to their communities that adapt to the health crisis. While SNHU has had to accommodate like the rest, its existing online environment has undoubtedly made the transition smoother. Last spring, when SNHU decided to move to a completely online environment, it was already ahead of the curve. Thanks