Image courtesy: Ryan Vezina

What is a sensory room? This is a question that many students have been asked and here lies an answer.

A sensory room is a relaxation room that focuses on stimulating your five senses: touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste. This would be a room on campus where students who are overwhelmed by classes or life can go to relax. This room would have things like comfy seating, light control, fidget spinners, slime, incense, a noisemaker, and much more.

Since SNHU already has relaxation rooms on campus, you may be wondering why a sensory room would be of value.

I have seen what SNHU’s “relaxation rooms” look like and I feel there is much to be desired. While a plain room with a chair, lamp, and small desk might be relaxing to some, the idea of a sensory room could help a more diverse audience, especially those who are neurodivergent.

SNHU is an inclusive campus and sensory rooms should be the same way. Feedback is being sought from students to hear what people would like to have in this hypothetical space.

A sensory room would be a benefit to everyone, not just neurodivergent people. It would function as a room to relax in after a stressful quiz or just a place to go and escape roommates.

Whatever your stressful situation, a sensory room provides a comfortable room that meets your needs. The goal is to make this campus a place where people can feel comfortable regardless of their disabilities and stress levels; a sensory room is the first step.

When your busy schedule allows, I encourage you to visit the relaxation room in Belknap Hall and think to yourself “Is this relaxing?” If your answer is no, a sensory room could be what you need.