Taylor Posik: Senior Letter

I joined The Penmen Press during the second semester of my freshman year. I remember how intimidated I was to be in a room full of people I didn't know. All I knew is that I joined to gain experience in journalism. Little did I know that I would become passionate about it and would want to go into the field of journalism for

End of School Year Recap

This has been the first full year on campus since the pandemic, and it has opened up many opportunities for the SNHU campus community. The SNHU community enjoyed all the aspects of campus life, from joining in on karaoke night at The Last Chapter Pub to supporting peers at Undergraduate Research Day. SNHU learned how to be a community again. We have had the

Office Spotlight: Institutional Advancement

Institutional Advancement is an office located in Gustafson, suite 214, that features departments that work with students and alumni and provide outlets for connection and engagement. Departments within the office include Development and Advancement Services, Alumni Engagement, Advancement Communications, and Grants. SNHU has over 215,000 alumni from at least 175 countries, and Institutional Advancement provides the ability for alumni to remain connected long after

Does Spring Break Really Give Students A Break?

Spring break is a time during the school year when everyone can kick back from their daily routine. Maybe it's spent lying on the beach or climbing to the top of a mountain. Maybe it's more laid back, allowing people to go home and spend time with loved ones. Ideally, people can spend their spring break however they please. However, what happens when school

“Everywhere You Go” Is An Adventure In San Francisco

I've never been on a plane before, or even across the country. All I've ever known is the lull of the road and the familiarity of the East Coast. Then, I had the chance of a (collegiate) lifetime to travel to a place I'd never been before: San Francisco. After waking up at 3:30am for an hour-long drive to the Logan International Airport, followed

Lack of Course Offerings Affecting Student Programs

The typical program evaluation for a student at SNHU is quite robust and makes the college experience worthwhile. However, given the complexity of each individual program, students need to take certain classes to fulfill their course requirements to ensure they graduate on time. When navigating the course catalog, students will find all of the classes required, but some are only offered in certain semesters,

“We Can Be the Change”: The Cupboard Sees Operation Updates

The Cupboard, located in the Student Center between Copies Plus and The Last Chapter Pub, has been undergoing operation changes due to a shortage of high-demand supplies. According to the information page on alumni.snhu.edu, "The Cupboard provides a reliable source of food and basic personal necessities for any SNHU student, staff, or faculty member who is in need, ensuring that everyone in our community

SGA Hosts Town Hall Meeting On Academic Changes

The Student Government Association (SGA) held a town hall meeting in the Upper Dining Hall on February 7. Attendees were able to ask questions and share their opinions on the recent announcement regarding academic changes. Prior to the meeting, SGA Vice President of Budget and Finance Paige McNamara ('24) discussed why it was being held. "After that email was circulated and faculty had a

The SNHU Community Needs More Than Two-Week Winter “Break”

Winter break at SNHU holds different meanings for each community member. It's a time to go home to family and friends for the holidays, a transition period between semesters, or a time to recuperate after a long semester. In the past, winter break lasted up to three weeks. However, that changed for the '21-'22 school year when winter break was shortened to two weeks.
Arts & Entertainment

“Mastermind” Taylor Swift Releases Latest Original Album

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's latest musical project, "Midnights," was released on October 21. It is the long-awaited first new album to be released since "Evermore" (2020), bringing her collection to ten albums. The artist hyped up her fans in a social media post, stating, "Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight." Swift