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Magician and Mentalist Kevin Li Mesmerizes Audience at CAPE Event

Magician and mentalist Kevin Li drew a large crowd at a CAPE-hosted event in The Last Chapter Pub on January 5. This was  CAPE's fourth event of Welcome Back Week for the Spring term. Students filed into The Pub for the 8pm show. When the show began, the space was packed. "My initial expectations for the event was about 80 people, but my expectations
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The SNHU Community Needs More Than Two-Week Winter “Break”

Winter break at SNHU holds different meanings for each community member. It's a time to go home to family and friends for the holidays, a transition period between semesters, or a time to recuperate after a long semester. In the past, winter break lasted up to three weeks. However, that changed for the '21-'22 school year when winter break was shortened to two weeks.

Office Spotlight: Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center

The Deborah L. Coffin Women's Center offers an accepting environment for students who feel lost on campus or who need a supportive place to be themselves. They embrace all students who need a safe space, no matter their identity or background. "Our goal is to make sure people find a home on campus," said Saran Ousseini ('23). "It's a great space for people to
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“Mastermind” Taylor Swift Releases Latest Original Album

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's latest musical project, "Midnights," was released on October 21. It is the long-awaited first new album to be released since "Evermore" (2020), bringing her collection to ten albums. The artist hyped up her fans in a social media post, stating, "Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight." Swift
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SNHUdents “Rock The Night Away” At Radio SNHU Event

Radio SNHU hosted their annual "Rock The Night Away" concert, featuring The Breeze, in The Last Chapter Pub on November 17. The band covered songs by various artists, including Taylor Swift, Guns N' Roses, and Journey. Students began streaming into the Pub at 8pm. Throughout the performance, audience members sang along, clapped, and occasionally got up to dance. The Breeze initially closed out the
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SNHU’s Campus Master’s Programs and Being a Graduate Student

With the end of the Fall '22 semester approaching, graduating students are preparing for the next steps in their careers. For many, this includes putting in applications for master's programs. SNHU has a select number of offerings for on-campus programs. Degrees students can earn include a Master of Science (MS), a Master of Education (MEd), a Master of Fine Arts (MFA), a Master of
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Taking Care of Mental Health and Knowing When to Take a Break

The SNHU community is now settled into the school year and the Fall '22 semester is proceeding quickly. The first half of the term has offered various events, such as CAPE's Big Money Bingo and the Involvement Fair. Other functions, such as the Munchiez food truck, have also returned to the livened campus. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any struggles on campus. The

Campus Participation at a Lull

The college experience amounts to juggling class, work, schoolwork, and other obligations. In between those priorities, students take on various clubs, organizations, and sports. They also attend campus events. While this is the presumed life of a typical college student, participation in various events and organizations has been at a low for the Fall '22 semester. This leads to the question: what happened to
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Crowd Attraction to CAPE Fall Concert Falters

CAPE hosted their Fall Concert in the Athletic Complex Field House on September 16, featuring concert tour group Groove Boston. The set was intended to run from 8-11pm; however, with a late start at 8:40pm, the show proceeded for an hour before attendees dispersed. Doors opened at 7:30pm and guests began trickling in. 260 participants attended out of approximately 290 tickets sold. The show

The Impacts of the Stark Hall Demolition

The Stark Hall demolition project is set to begin on September 19. It will start with the asbestos abasement, which will last for two weeks with minimal impact. Demolition will follow on October 11 and is estimated to be completed by October 24. From October 11 to October 24, walkways surrounding the area will be closed from 8am-4pm on specified days. This includes the