Ethics in Action: What does it mean to be a good person?

Ethics in Action is an event that promotes critical and meaningful thought about ethics. The event encouraged students to consider what they believe good ethics are in society and their community, what shapes one’s philosophy and treatment of others, and how to be better people. A discussion on ethics and community action was brought to SNHU and high school students on January 18 when

Student Experience with Accessibility at SNHU

Creating an accepting academic environment starts with making education attainable to all. Accommodating the needs of students who live with physical, mental, or sensory disabilities creates equal opportunities for students to learn. While faculty and staff at SNHU recognize the importance of accessibility, students share their personal experiences regarding on-campus accessibility. "The campus and all the buildings are very accessible, I've never had any

Culinary Freedom, or Kitchen Nightmare?

The uncleanliness of Kingston's communal kitchen is a calamitous nightmare. Dishes pile so high in the sink that residents have no way to clean their own; as a result, students have resorted to placing dirty dishes on top of the microwave. This unsanitary environment stretches beyond simple chores and has begun to put other students' health at risk. The cupboards, which once held all

More Than One Transition: Gender, Sexuality, and Freedom of Identity at SNHU

With new students joining SNHU, many are getting their first taste of adult independence. The transition from high school to college is often remembered fondly. Students spark connections, gain choices in their education, try different clothing styles, and experiment with who they want to be. Yet, how much do students change the moment they gain independence? Does their self-expression reflect previous expectations? Or do