Image Courtesy: Emily Blais

After a rather disappointing start to their tenure at SNHU, American Dining Creations (ADC) and the university re-established expectations to make the partnership more successful going forward. The change is spearheaded by a change in command with Joe Sciancalepore taking over as general manager.

After a 15-year partnership with Sodexo, it is understandable that there are going to be some growing pains with whoever was to take over. However, from issues with being flexible to those with allergies, food quality, and lack of options, the partnership was starting to lose the interest of the student body.

As the second semester is now underway, ADC has already proven that they are ready to turn the page. The quality of food is significantly better than last semester, they are doing a good job of gauging student interest, and the dining hall is now a place that is enjoyable to go to again.

What students had been most excited about since the ADC partnership was announced was the addition of the Dunkin’ on campus. After a long wait, students are now able to enjoy Dunkin’ in the ACC. For many in the decision-making process, the opening of Dunkin’ is a relief after a series of construction delays.

The student body now looks for ADC to continue the upward trend going forward. When at its peak, there is so much to look forward to with ADC, and students need to understand that with every great change, growing pains are going to be big.

This concerned effort to enhance the dining experience not only showcased the commitment of ADC and SNHU to student satisfaction but also signified a genuine desire to evolve and adapt. As these initiatives gained momentum, the partnership began to witness positive shifts in student engagement and satisfaction, marking a promising trajectory for the future. The collaborative spirit between ADC and SNHU stands as a testament to their shared commitment to fostering an enriched and enjoyable campus dining experience.