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Making a Difference: Wolak Learning Center Spotlight

The Wolak Learning Center (WLC), located on the second floor of the Shapiro Library, is a peer tutoring service that offers academic support for students. It provides various services such as one-on-one tutoring (by request), embedded support, and 24/7 assistance via Tutor.com where selected courses are offered. Hours of operation during the academic year are: Monday through Thursday from 9-7 p.m. and Friday 9-4:30
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SNHU’s Improv Club Confidently Writes Their Own Path

Out of Ink is a recently established club at SNHU where students have an open space to step outside of their comfort zones and unleash their creativity. It was created by club president Lucas Scozzari ('27), who was driven by his love for comedy and performing on stage. His vision goes beyond entertainment, as he aims to give people confidence. "I hope people can
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Students Speak Out Against Dining’s Options

American Dining Creations (ADC) has been on campus since May and fully implemented its “all you care to eat” system at the beginning of the fall semester. As the second half of the semester approaches, students have noticed that the quality of the food has heavily declined. An issue that has been posed to the community is the lack of care for students with
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Best Halloween Movies to Watch According to the SNHU Community

Once October rolls around, the Halloween decorations come out and the movies come on. In an Instagram poll taken on October 12, the SNHU community weighed in on the best films to watch this Halloween season. Halloweentown (1999) took the lead among the community with 30.7% of the votes. The Disney film follows 13-year-old Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) as she discovers she is a

SNHU’s COVID Memorial Open for Use on Campus

The construction of the COVID Memorial has finished and the site is now open. The pandemic made an impact on the SNHU community in various ways, from online classes, to lack of in-person connections and devastating losses of family and friends. SNHU felt the weight of the pandemic after losing its own family members. President Paul LeBlanc discussed the grieving process being incomplete and
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Makerspace Highlight

The Makerspace is a spot on campus dedicated to all aspects of creativity. It can be found on the first floor of the Edward S. Wolak Library Learning Commons. A variety of tools are available for students to utilize, including a 3D printer, laser engraver, and equipment that students can use to create their own podcasts. The space is open for all students, staff,
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Humanities Lab Spotlight

The Humanities Lab is a space that students can use to facilitate ideas and showcase the work that they created. It is located in the Robert Frost lobby where the former McIninch Art Gallery was located. The McIninch Art Gallery opened in 2002 and displayed artwork for two decades. In the summer of 2022, the gallery was shut down. SNHU looked for ways to
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Dining Updates

American Dining Creations (ADC) made its debut on campus over the summer. The company integrated a new swipe-style system that allows students to scan their IDs into the dining hall and use the "all you care to eat" system. The most highly anticipated aspects of ADC, however, are the openings of Dunkin' Donuts, located in the Academic Center Complex (ACC), and Einstein Bros Bagels,
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Taylor Swift Releases an “Enchanted” Experience with Her Latest Taylor’s Version

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her album, "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" on July 7. It's a rerecording of her earlier album, "Speak Now." The record consists of familiar tracks like "Back to December," "Dear John," and "Enchanted." Along with these, Swift included 6 unreleased ("From the Vault") tracks, like "When Emma Falls in Love" and "I Can See You," a song that began trending on
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The Explosion of “Barbenheimer” In Social Media

Cultural phenomenons have a unique way of making an impact, especially with the prevalence of social media in today's society. "Barbenheimer," the fan-made fusion of Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" and Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer," is a prime example of social media creating a phenomenon. The two films were released on July 21, and have been a trending topic for months for the vast concepts of each