Leah Richards Starts New Leg of her SNHU Journey in Both Student Success and the Learning Center

The new school year brings changes for everyone, students and faculty alike. For some, however, these changes are more drastic than others and bring about a change in title, office and mindset. For Leah Richards, the 2017-2018 school year brought brand new positions, challenges and goals that needed to be set to ensure the success of SNHU Students. Going into her eighth year at

Peer-to-Peer Workshops a “Win-Win” for Everyone

Does the saying “students learn from teachers and teach­ers learn from students” sound familiar? For those who work at (or visit) The Learning Center, this quote accurately sums up a similar phenomenon that oc­curs every day during tutoring sessions: students benefit from peer educators (tutors), and peer educators benefit from students. However, perhaps no tutor­ing session or event symbolizes this give-and-take relationship better than

The Writing Center Gets Innovative

Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) Learning Center is implementing new writing programs to start the year for both domestic and international students. Students now have the option of scheduling one-to-one tutoring when needed. Available at http://bit.ly/2d3S9hh, students have the option of meeting with a tutor for 45 minutes to work on a particular project or assignment. Writing Tutoring Coordinator Selina Marcille hopes this will

Learning Center Peer Educators Do More as SNHU Leaders

Peer educators at South­ern New Hampshire Univer­sity’s (SNHU) Learning Cen­ter do much more than tutor and mentor students. Many peer educators are leaders in the university community, which allows them to act as role models in both academic and social life of the univer­sity. Several of the student clubs on campus have tutors on their executive boards. For some examples, writing tutor Hallie Semmel

Senior Peer Educators Reminisce

Senior peer educators in the Learning Center (LC) are filled with nostalgia as they prepare to graduate and reminisce their time spent working in the LC; Many tutors and mentors work in the LC for two to three years, and make an impact on the Southern New Hampshire Uni­versity (SNHU) community. Elizabeth Worth, a senior writing tutor, is on her seventh semester with the

How to Use the Learning Center

Going into the Learning Center for the first time can be intimidating for students. They know when walk-in tu­toring is and they walk into the library room 205 and then... this is when students often feel awkward. For all walk-in tutoring sessions, tutors have nam­etags and signs that indicate who they are and the subject that they tutor. Tutors sit next to their signs

Learning Center Honors Students With 300+ Hours

The Learning Center at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is authorized by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) to certify its peer educators through an intensive training program consisting of various levels of certification: Regular, Advanced, and Master Tutor/Mentor Certification. To reach levels of certification, peer educators attend topic training sessions run by Chad Detjen covering topics such as: definition of tutoring responsibilities,