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Going into the Learning Center for the first time can be intimidating for students. They know when walk-in tu­toring is and they walk into the library room 205 and then… this is when students often feel awkward.

For all walk-in tutoring sessions, tutors have nam­etags and signs that indicate who they are and the subject that they tutor. Tutors sit next to their signs most of the time, so they are easy to locate. A student should mention the type of tutoring they would like when they walk into the room, and a tutor from that discipline will be able to help. Once students sit down with a tutor, they must fill out their email, Student ID Number, grade level, course and in­structor and session goal. It is always good practice to come prepared with the assignment details. Writing walk-in tu­toring is limited to 30 min­utes per student per session, but math and business tutors work with students through­out the shift as they practice sample problems.

Typically, after visiting walk-in tutoring three times, students can request a one-to-one tutor by filling out the Request for Academic As­sistance form. Students can find this form in the Learning Center office or ask Jill Judd, the Administrative Office Manager. If a student requests tutoring in a discipline The Learning Center does not of­fer walk-in tutoring for, such as History or Justice Studies, a student can fill out the form without coming to walk-ins.

The Learning Center also offers a mentoring program for which students fill out the same Request for Academic Assistance form, but instead select ‘mentor.’ Different than a tutor, a mentor specifi­cally focuses on overall aca­demic achievement skills such as time management, study­ing for tests, taking notes, and motivation.

International students who are interested in conver­sational English are encour­aged to go to the Learning Center office and find the binder on the table in the mid­dle of the room. In the binder, students can sign up for ses­sions for that week. During these sessions, international students have the opportunity to converse with a domestic student tutor about a variety of topics.

The Learning Center at­tempts to make it as easy as possible for students to get the academic assistance that they want. At any time, go to the second floor of the library and find a team dedicated to the success and achievement of every student that walks through their doors.

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