(image credit: SNHU)

Peer educators at South­ern New Hampshire Univer­sity’s (SNHU) Learning Cen­ter do much more than tutor and mentor students. Many peer educators are leaders in the university community, which allows them to act as role models in both academic and social life of the univer­sity.

Several of the student clubs on campus have tutors on their executive boards. For some examples, writing tutor Hallie Semmel is the president of History Club and business tutor Caroline Flem­ing is president of the Student Government Association. These are just a few examples of how peer educators act as leaders in the SNHU commu­nity.

Many peer educators are involved in multiple activities in addition to tutoring, and some tutors even have mul­tiple leadership roles. As one example, writing tutor Cody Harlow is the secretary of Psychology Student Associa­tion, a Peer Advising Leader, a Jumpstart Mentor, the vice president of Club Baseball, and an intern for the Concord Police Department.

Many peer educators have multiple jobs and titles, and go above and beyond being students and tutors. Because of the variety of activities they are involved in and their leadership roles, peer educa­tors are role models for the students that they work with, and can provide a lot more support than just assistance in one particular academic area.

Peer educators bring what they learn from all of their experiences to the Learning Center and make SNHU’s Learning Center an interest­ing and diverse place. Being a tutor is just one way that they contribute to the greater SNHU community.

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