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Explore Imagination with Inktober

Artists of all forms and fashions experience mental blocks in one form or another with their work. Inspiration does not come when convenient, life gets in the way of creating, hobbies and work can sidetrack what one initially intended on creating. It is often helpful to be kept in check when working on a project. Workshops, groups, or simply checking in with fellow artists

Jazz and Big Bands Night

Musical events are not rare occurrences on Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) campus. From the major concert to small bands playing above the Dining Center, there are several opportunities for students to attend gatherings which focus on certain genres. While students can listen to their favorite bands in the comfort of their dorm, some still find enjoyment in going out with friends to an

The Writing Center Gets Innovative

Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) Learning Center is implementing new writing programs to start the year for both domestic and international students. Students now have the option of scheduling one-to-one tutoring when needed. Available at, students have the option of meeting with a tutor for 45 minutes to work on a particular project or assignment. Writing Tutoring Coordinator Selina Marcille hopes this will