As the Spring semester comes to a close with it comes essays, projects and finals. From mathematics to creative writing, almost all of SNHU’s students have at least one or two things on their mind stressing them out. Thankfully there is a place where help is offered for any subject as well as help outside the classroom, that being the on-campus Learning Center with their Stress Less Fest. 

While always available for assistance, the Learning Center will be offering a multitude of new ways to help students prepare for their end of the year journey. These include study packets available for math students, a “build you own guide” for business students from accounting to economics, and as always writing tutoring will be available for all for those who need help with things like correct citation, grammar or just how to format a paper. Although the Learning Center excels in helping with academics they will also be providing ways to help de-stress outside of education.

These include “Stuff a SNHU Pillow” on April 18 in the Student Center and the “5,4,3,2,1 Color Run” on the weekend of April 22.

When asked why the Learning Center holds these events, Marketing and Outreach Graduate Assistant Evan Bodi stated, “It’s always gratifying for our office when we can make a positive contribution to a student’s wellbeing, both inside and outside the classroom. Stress Less Fest events allow us to accomplish that and be a supportive educational environment in more ways than one.”

For further information on any of these events, there will be table set up in the Student Center and Dining Center from April 17-April 19. Event dates and additional details are available on the SNHU Master Calendar. The Learning Center hopes it is able to help make the end of the semester journey feel a little less stressful and wishes to see students at the upcoming events.

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