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The Best Entertainment of 2017

As studious as we claim to be, even the best of us need to unwind every now and again. 2017 was a great year in media, and our Arts and Entertainment staff picked some of their favorite time wasters of the past year. Baby Driver - Emma Sheehan [caption id="attachment_3595" align="alignnone" width="1200"] (image credit: Sony Pictures)[/caption] One of my favorite films of 2017 is Baby Driver.
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“Thor: Ragnarok” is Worthy of a God

In recent years, Marvel has pumped out hit after hit with such consistency that, at this point, it’s expected for their movies to be great. Thankfully, “Thor: Ragnarok” follows this now common Marvel tradition; continuing the comedy, action, and story that fans know and love with some of the cinematic universe’s most popular characters. “Ragnarok” is one of the last few films to be
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Apes Together Strong! – “War for the Planet of the Apes” Review

“War for the Planet of the Apes” is the third film in the 2011 reboot of the Planet of the Apes franchise. Following the events of “Dawn,”“War” follows Caesar and his fellow apes in a fight to survive against what remains of humanity's military force. Thankfully, “War” continues the string of excellent movies, making for another great addition to the series. All of the
Yooka Laylee
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Yooka-Laylee: A Love Letter To Nineties Platformers

“Yooka-Laylee” is what every mascot platformer in the nineties wanted to be. It isn’t perfect, but it’s colorful, creative and has the addictive quality that “collectathons” live and die on. While the controls are sometimes wonky and some parts of the game feel unpolished, it does the job it was made to do. Made by the same team that did “Banjo Kazooie,” “Banjo-Tooie” and
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“The Great Wall” Isn’t So Great

The action film is one of the most prominent genres in the industry, pulling in some of the largest profits in Hollywood. While they might overrun mainstream media, they certainly come in different forms: AAA blockbusters, low-budget indie “one location” movies, thrillers, and many more. Then there are some that try to be unique, but fall short. “The Great Wall,” is one of those

“Nioh” – Dying Has Never Felt So Good

“Soulslike” is a term that is being tossed around a lot lately. Ever since FROM SOFT­WARE’s “Dark Souls” stormed the gaming world and revi­talized the hardcore genre of games and brought it into mainstream gaming, many games have tried to recreate its formula and its success. “Nioh” is the most recent of those attempts, and hopes to take what was great about the “Souls”
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It’s Strange to Not Watch “Doctor Strange”

Since 2008, moviegoers have been watching Marvel’s heroes take to the silver screen. In the eight years that the MCU has unfolded there have been arguably no real duds, with each film receiving praise and leaving audiences craving the next installment. After the gigantic hit of “Captain America: Civil War,” the bar has been set even higher than normal. Thankfully, “Dr. Strange” is not