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All the Places to Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Office at SNHU provides an opportunity for students to travel outside of their comfort zone and experience education from a global lens. All SNHU students are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous partnerships the abroad program has to offer. The various locations can be chosen to best meet each students career goals and personal interests. Partnerships are made with institutions
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Primary Elections on Tuesday: A Stepping Stone to Trump’s Impeachment

As we watch Congress bicker over the legitimacy of President Donald Trump’s election into office, we should really be focusing on voting in the September primaries. Granted, U.S. citizens should be voting in every election; however, with allegations of corruption mounting, voting will determine President Trump’s future. The latest accusation against President Trump, more specifically the president’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, is campaign finance violations.
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NBC’s “Making It” is a Show You WOOD’nt Want to Miss.

Are you someone who loves crafting things you find on Etsy?  Are you someone who loves the idea of crafting and making things, but has no idea what they're doing? Are you somewhere in between? Well I have the show for you, "Making It!" "Making It" is a new reality competition with hosts Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman (former co-stars on the hit comedy