Logo of the Student Government Association. (Image courtesy: Ryan Barrett)

Student Government Association (SGA) is one of SNHU’s most prominent clubs on campus. SGA President, Paige McNamara (’24), revealed how SGA plans to serve the SNHU community this year.

McNamara has a background working with the Office of Residence Life as a Resident Assistant. This gave her insight into some of SNHU’s problems and spurred her to want to make positive changes at SNHU.

One of the significant projects McNamara has taken on this year is maintaining and growing their club senator base. SGA senators are required to pick special projects that impact SNHUdents and improve the campus experience. One of SGA’s main projects was their work with the Kingston Green Space.

“The Kingston Green Space had many focus groups and research was done to see what should go into that space,” said McNamara. “SGA advocated very hard for certain things and compromises [had] to be made. The turf under the hammocks was done to protect people’s feet. And there are community pods of [hammocks], but also other areas found a little more secluded to accommodate everyone. We are also currently purchasing a wheelchair-accessible swing to go into the space as well. SGA has funded a large portion of this, and with that, we were able to determine what should go into the space.”

Another project SGA is taking on is bringing academic leadership to the student level. SGA has accomplished this by holding monthly events in the Makerspace with administrators at SNHU, such as Heather Lorenz, Vice President of Student Affairs and Campus-Based Initiatives, Meagan LaMarca, Dean of Students, Public Safety, and President Paul LeBlanc.

SGA hopes to connect with as many students as possible. Students can voice their concerns by contacting SGA at sga@snhu.edu or messaging them on their Instagram, @snhusga.