Image courtesy: SNHU Athletics

SNHU Athletics honored 14 individuals and one team during the Hall of Fame ceremony on October 7. The event occurred at halftime of the men’s soccer game at Mark A. Ouellette Stadium.

Athletic Director, Anthony Fallacaro, acknowledges that being a Hall of Fame member doesn’t just come from success in sports, but outside of them as well.

“The SNHU Athletics Hall of Fame is a very special distinction that celebrates the impact the individual has had in athletics,” said Fallacaro. “Of the thousands of former players and staff, there are only 125 individuals and three teams that have been selected to the HOF.”

Throughout SNHU’s illustrious history, many have had the privilege of wearing “Penmen” across their chest. There are also many impacted off the playing surface, such as coaches and administrators.

“This is rarified air and those considered can be an athlete, coach, administrator, or significant contributor to Penmen Athletics,” said Fallacaro. “To be selected to the Hall of Fame means that your contributions were not just good or even great, it means they were extraordinary and the program might not have been the same without the individual. It means that you were a standout and someone that received accolades from all different levels and entities.”

SNHU is often recognized as one of the top NCAA Division II athletic schools in the country, which adds another element of significance to these inductions.

“Over the last 10 years, we have had some incredible success athletically which is why this year’s class had so many first-time ballot honorees. The best way to describe this class is that they were titans … and their contributions changed the course of history in many cases for the programs they were associated with,” said Fallacaro. “One of the best compliments you can apply to a Hall of Fame Inductee is that they were a program changer and each [member] of the 2023 class altered the course of their teams and pointed them towards, or carried them to, a winning atmosphere.”