SNHU Style Club

SNHU Style Club: Image Courtesy SNHU Style Instagram.

Style Club at SNHU is a place to showcase your personal style and bring people together through fashion. President of Style Club, Cloverlyn Willis (’24), strives to bring the SNHU community together through fashion, creating a safe space for everyone to show their personal style and explore new ones.

Willis wants people to know everyone is welcome to join. For those worried about joining the club, Willis doesn’t want people to feel scared or intimidated. There are no expectations or judgments; everybody can come as they are.

“Anyone and everyone [is] welcome. We want to create a space for people to express themselves through their personal style, as well as a place to find their personal style,” said Willis. “Joining a club really isn’t that scary, especially when it comes to Style Club. There are no expectations when you come to a meeting, and there are no judgments on how you choose to express yourself or your personal style. Everybody is different and this is a way to bring everyone together.”

The club has workshops to help members explore different creative avenues. It also holds a fashion show every year to showcase the personal styles and creations members made.

“We have workshops that help our members to explore different creative art forms such as crocheting or jewelry making,” said Willis. “We also hold a fashion show every year as a way to express our personal styles or fashion creations”

The club has exciting things coming ahead for the school year.

“Our advisor, Harry Umen, has connections with the woman who runs Rhode Island Fashion Week in the Spring, and we are hoping to attend next semester. There have been previous opportunities for our club members to be featured as fashion designers, photographers, and general help during the show, so we are hoping that will still be an option this year,” said Willis.

Some notable things the club has done thus far are their Fashion shows. At the show, pieces worn during the event were raffled off to audience members.

“My favorite thing is our Fashion Show. Last semester there was a raffle event where the pieces that were made by our club members and worn in the fashion show were raffled off to audience members” said Willis. “The show in general is a way to showcase our talents as a club and to further connect with the SNHU community.”

To follow the Style Club and learn more about it, follow their Instagram, @snhu_style. Students can email Willis at if they would like to be added to the club email list for information and events.