Salt Use On Campus This Winter

Salt and sand are effective ways to mitigate injury on walkways and roads while traveling on campus grounds. It works by melting the ice and providing a better grip for shoes and tires. However, too much salt can impact native vegetation growth and aquatic ecosystems drastically. Undergraduate research was conducted by graduating seniors Kylie Russo (24’) and Kathryn McCoy (24’) from January to March
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Historic Solar Eclipse Comes To Be Seen In New Hampshire

On Monday, April 8, New Hampshire will see its first total solar eclipse event in 65 years. The last total solar eclipse seen in New Hampshire was in 1959. Although New Hampshire hasn’t been in the path of totality since, eclipse events happen about once every 18 months globally. These events are not always visible because they pass over different hemispheres or other parts

Undergraduate Research Day

College is meant to be a time to share experiences and learn breakthrough information to share it with your peers. A great way to do this is to present at Undergraduate Research Day here at SNHU. Undergraduate research is a great way to learn more about a topic you might be interested in with guidance from SNHU professors. Not only can our STEM majors
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The Effect of Late Winter on Birds

Students and faculty at SNHU have experienced an out-of-the-ordinary start to the winter season. Not only have operations been dealing with power outages and extensive ice on walkways, but the community has been noticing strange patterns of temperature and weather that some scientists say are affecting bird populations. November alone was considered as one of the warmest months in post-industrial revolution history, says Jeff
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Spotlight: The Arboretum

SNHU's nationally accredited arboretum goes unnoticed by a large portion of the campus population. The arboretum is located across from the Gustafson Center on the south side of campus. The 25 acres of campus have been protected, studied, and loved by science professors and students and the sustainability team. It is also the only accredited arboretum in New Hampshire.  “The arboretum provides hands-on, experiential
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Trash Bins On Campus

SNHU has undergone a change in waste management throughout the campus. The Office of Sustainability has been working on a centralized waste management system for a number of years and the SNHU community has started to notice. The new system is a product of a study the Office of Sustainability conducted to see how much waste the school produces and what it consists of.