Amanda Goyette (’24) in the Radio SNHU booth. (Image courtesy: Emily Blais)

Amanda Goyette (‘24) has been a member of Radio SNHU for two years and has her own radio show on campus. Goyette is a Communication major and hopes to become an on-air personality after she graduates. She worked at Binnie Media over the summer as an intern, where she was able to gain more experience in the field.

“I do a Disney-themed show every Monday from 10-11am [for Radio SNHU]. I have two talking segments that I try to implement during my show; the first one is ‘On This Day in Disney History.’ The second segment is ‘Fun Facts about Disney’ or ‘Disney News.’… I do an on-air show every Saturday on [Binnie Media’s] station called 99.1 The Bone, their rock station.”

Goyette was able to learn industry tricks that will prove to be valuable in her pursuit of becoming an on-air personality.

“I worked events off-site when I was doing this internship. I did something called Barder, which is basically taking a segment of audio and making sure it is the right length, it is loud enough to be heard, and it fits within a certain time frame,” said Goyette. “I also assisted and watched others as they did their radio show which allowed me to get some experience there, then in turn I was able to start my own radio segment.”

Along with her work at Radio SNHU and The Bone, Goyette also is the co-producer of a podcast on campus called Co-Designed.

“It’s a podcast about the student experience and we try to get professors in there, we get students in there. For example, last week we aired an episode on deans on campus, and [in] an upcoming episode that we have we’re getting the student ambassadors together, a couple of ones with different majors to talk about what student ambassadors are, why they’re important, how you can contact them. It’s really informational and it really helps students navigate around campus” said Goyette.

Students can check out Goyette’s radio show, The Magical Hour of Disney, every Monday from 10-11am on