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Dedicated Faculty Within the Abroad Program

The Study Abroad Program at SNHU is composed of dedicated and passionate faculty eager to help students fulfill their goals and aspirations. Study Abroad Advisor, Scott Snyder works alongside Study Abroad Director, Stefano Parenti to help students expand their horizons and think on a global scale. As Study Abroad Advisor, Snyder is responsible for many aspects of the program. “I organize and attend the
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All the Places to Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Office at SNHU provides an opportunity for students to travel outside of their comfort zone and experience education from a global lens. All SNHU students are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous partnerships the abroad program has to offer. The various locations can be chosen to best meet each students career goals and personal interests. Partnerships are made with institutions
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NSE Program Creates Opportunity for SNHU Students

National Student Exchange (NSE) just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary since its establishment in 1968. Over the years, the program has successfully placed more than 120,000 students for exchange. With approximately 200 universities to choose from, SNHU students are given the opportunity to study in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With no additional cost, SNHU students can
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Spring Break Iceland Experience

Over this year’s spring break, 12 SNHU students had the opportunity to travel to Iceland. The trip correlated directly with the Norse Mythology and Graphic Novel course offered to students in the 2018 spring semester. The course itself incorporates elements of Norse mythology and graphic design as students are responsible for the interpretation of various stories regarding Norse myths. Students are then required to
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The Oscars: The Academy, The Actors, The Activism

The 90th Oscars Academy Awards have sat at centerstage in everybody’s minds, particularly for the avid movie buff. But even the regular movie-goer (who has not spent the past year on a diet of purely popcorn) can find enjoyment in an evening of finger food, musical performances and what is becoming commonplace calls to action and activism. Anyone who has been keeping up with
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Learn More About Study Abroad by Attending an Info Session

The Study Abroad Office at SNHU gives students the opportunity to travel around the world while continuing their education. It strives to offer students support both before and after their trip. The pre-departure experience includes various meetings intended to inform and engage the participants interested in studying abroad and determine where in the world is the right spot for them. For those interested in

Oh Snap! What’s New at Belknap

Over the recent years SNHU has been making major advancements throughout the Manchester campus. The latest installment of these renovations has been the Belknap Building, housing the School of Education. As of now, the new building is officially complete except for a few pieces of additional furniture set to arrive in the near future. Before the renovation, Belknap hall consisted of small office spaces
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Study Abroad Office Welcomes Russia as a New Partnership  

The Study Abroad Program at SNHU strives to provide students with the opportunity to travel the globe while continuing their education. This program works diligently to create partnerships with various countries, and as of now, SNHU has welcomed students to study in continents including Europe, South America and Asia.   Recently, SNHU has created a new partnership with Peter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, located in Russia. This new
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TIME’S UP: 2018 Golden Globes Prove Hollywood Isn’t Just for the Industry’s Golden Boys

The Golden Globes, airing last night, stood as the first major awards ceremony to follow 2017’s #MeToo movement and the wave of sexual assault and harassment allegations against some of Hollywood’s elite. Consistently, The Globes had served as the playground for the now disgraced Harvey Weinstein, well-known for his manipulation of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and now well-known for his history of sexual

2017 New York City Culinary Trip

On December 1, Southern New Hampshire University students participated in this year’s New York City Culinary trip. Members of the Culinary Student Association (CSA) coordinated the trip that took place over a 3-day period from Friday, December 1 to Sunday, December 3. The trip is designed to allow 27 SNHU students the chance to travel with CSA to New York City. Once in the