The outside of Belknap, now home to the School of Education. (image credit: Anna Laugelle)

Over the recent years SNHU has been making major advancements throughout the Manchester campus. The latest installment of these renovations has been the Belknap Building, housing the School of Education.

As of now, the new building is officially complete except for a few pieces of additional furniture set to arrive in the near future. Before the renovation, Belknap hall consisted of small office spaces and a limited number of classrooms. With the new renovations, this space has completely transformed to successfully accommodate the desired learning environment for education students.

With the help of a design team and several architects, SNHU was able to effectively create an open and welcoming space for its faculty and students. According to Raymond McNulty, Dean of the School of Education, “Learning happens everywhere (not just in classrooms) and our space was designed for groups of students and faculty to sit and just think together.”

Along with a new exterior, Belknap has also been equipped with upgraded technology giving students the opportunity to effectively apply their skills. The classrooms are also organized differently, providing a new learning experience for its students.

“All furniture is on wheels, so classrooms and other learning spaces can constantly change to meet the needs of unique learners and learning situations. There are a lot of spaces designed for collaboration, as we realize the importance of collaboration to foster communication and deeper learning,” said Catherine Stavenger, Associate Dean of the School of Education.

The welcoming front entrance to Belknap. (image credit: Anna Laugelle)

The design of the building has allowed for the growth of a true educational community where administrative staff, faculty and students can constantly interact together in a shared space.

The School of Education plans to use their new space as a welcoming center for partner schools and other individuals interested in seeing the space. Partner schools in the area have been encouraged to provide artwork to hang within the new building. An open house will be scheduled when the weather improves to showcase the unity provided by the new renovation.

“The School of Education is very excited about the new opportunities Belknap Hall will now provide. We are very grateful to President LeBlanc, the Board of Trustees, and all of the other SNHU stakeholders who made this possible,” said Stavenger.

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