Take the first step and attend a study abroad information session. Logan Waterman, who studied abroad in Ireland, spent a couple days exploring Rome. (image credit: Rebecca LeBoeuf)

The Study Abroad Office at SNHU gives students the opportunity to travel around the world while continuing their education. It strives to offer students support both before and after their trip. The pre-departure experience includes various meetings intended to inform and engage the participants interested in studying abroad and determine where in the world is the right spot for them.

For those interested in studying abroad, a weekly information session is available to all SNHU students. The meetings are held every Wednesday in the Academic Center Complex (ACC) room 110 from 5-7 p.m. The information sessions are designed to inform students about the various partnerships SNHU has made with other universities around the globe.

Study abroad advisor, Scott Snyder, facilitates many of the information sessions throughout the semester. The meeting begins by “discussing the background and mission statement of [the program] and the different meanings and benefits of studying abroad,” said Snyder. “We also cover the application process, eligibility criteria and answer any questions.”

Many of the information sessions are catered to the interests of the students that attend. Although each meeting follows a similar structure and agenda, student questions are encouraged, and partnerships of interest are further explained.

The session also highlights the importance of planning both academically and personally before studying abroad. “[Through planning] with your advisor and family, students can make sure they have flexibility [in the form of] electives to take unique courses abroad that cannot be taught here at SNHU,” said Snyder.

Along with electives, the information session also explains any mandatory classes included within the various partnerships. The Study Abroad Office works with students to find courses that align with their specific curriculum pathways.

“It’s not mandatory as the first step, but it is highly suggested and very important for anyone interested to study abroad, to come to our presentation to learn more about us, our program and your options,” said Snyder.

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