SNHU offers an array of partnerships to choose from.

The Study Abroad Office at SNHU provides an opportunity for students to travel outside of their comfort zone and experience education from a global lens. All SNHU students are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous partnerships the abroad program has to offer. The various locations can be chosen to best meet each students career goals and personal interests.

Partnerships are made with institutions in various countries around the world. Currently, SNHU students have the option to study abroad in a plethora of countries including but not limited to: Japan, Ecuador, New Zealand, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Greece. Summer programs are also offered in Madrid, Spain, Sicily, Italy and St. Petersburg, Russia Federation.

Each location provides students with the chance to explore, learn and grow in their new surroundings. Each partnership is a unique opportunity different from the rest.

Florence University of the Arts is located in a historical city unlike any other. Programs offered at the institution range anywhere from culinary to fashion classes. Welcoming students of various majors, Florence, Italy offers an exceptional opportunity to learn inside and outside of the classroom.

Cologne Business School (CBS) is located in Cologne, Germany. Students interested in business will be immersed in programs such as marketing, finance and economics to better enhance their understanding of the business world. By thinking in a more innovative way, students will gain valuable skills necessary for future careers.

Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand offers an extremely rewarding education to its students. Offering an abundance of majors, students are encouraged to get involved on campus and challenge themselves to learn more about the world around them.

These programs are only a few of the options SNHU has to offer its students. For those interested in learning more about the Study Abroad Program and other partnerships offered please visit the office located in Exeter Hall room 38 and 40 or via email at

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