NSE provides students with an educational opportunity to study outside of SNHU

National Student Exchange (NSE) just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary since its establishment in 1968. Over the years, the program has successfully placed more than 120,000 students for exchange. With approximately 200 universities to choose from, SNHU students are given the opportunity to study in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

With no additional cost, SNHU students can study for a semester or up to an entire academic year in one of the exchange sites mentioned. The colleges and universities included in the program vary in size, class selection, and experience. NSE includes access to Hispanic serving institutions, historically Black colleges and universities, along with other ethnically mixed campuses.

The program is designed to send students to another college or university in exchange for an incoming student interested in SNHU. The program was first introduced to campus by Dean of Student Success Carey Glines. She believes that this program broadens the horizon of traditional students and challenges them to be more resourceful and independent.

Laura Malito is the coordinator of the NSE Program and is located in the Student Success Office. “I think all the students need an opportunity to study away, to go out from their comfort zone, to engage with cultural and regional differences,” said Malito. “New Hampshire is a beautiful and quiet state but it is not quite representative of the whole nation and we want to educate our students [on] diversity, to make them aware, more engaged, and that’s why we want to make NSE part of the global education of our students.”

Students interested in the program can visit the Student Success Office or attend an information session to learn more. After displaying interest, the student will be interviewed to check eligibility requirements. More than 100 universities are open for students. The deadline to study in fall 2018 is June 1 and to study in spring 2019 is October 1.

Malito encourages students to plan their study away experience in advance and keep free electives available. She also suggests that students start researching the multiple campuses available at www.nse.org or email her at l.malito@snhu.edu.

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