(image credit: Nicholas VonSchantz-Ricci)

On December 1, Southern New Hampshire University students participated in this year’s New York City Culinary trip. Members of the Culinary Student Association (CSA) coordinated the trip that took place over a 3-day period from Friday, December 1 to Sunday, December 3.

The trip is designed to allow 27 SNHU students the chance to travel with CSA to New York City. Once in the city, students are encouraged to experience the food culture prevalent within that area.

Sophomore and Co-President of CSA, Molly Corson, was one of the trip coordinators for this year’s event. “NYC is a food trendy city, from gnocchi to cupcakes to doughnuts. We are going to eat our way through all the trends.”

First-year student Ricky Pulisciano originally signed up for the trip to experience both the culinary aspect and the opportunity to familiarize himself more with the city. At the conclusion of the trip Pulisciano said, “I enjoyed being with friends, trying new things and getting back to my Italian roots.”

Students in attendance took a bus into Boston, and from there into New York City. Friday night allowed for the participants to explore the city on their own. Saturday consisted of the students traveling into Brooklyn, where they walked along the Brooklyn Bridge and visited various markets such as Dekalb and Chelsea Market. On the last day of the trip students went to Doughnut Plant, Pickle Guys, and Katz Delicatessen before heading back to SNHU.

Christina Cruz, sophomore and Co-President of CSA, also helped coordinate the event. “My favorite part of the trip was on Sunday when we went to the Doughnut Plant. We were all standing on the sidewalk sampling two dozen donuts. It was really nice to see all of us together having fun, laughing and eating doughnuts,” said Cruz. “Overall, this trip was very fun, it was great spending the weekend with students and our Chefs just eating our way through the city!”

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