The new traffic lights are at the Gustafson/Belknap intersection. (image credit: Jaime Mailloux)

SNHU has continued to make major improvements on campus. The addition of a new traffic light is just one more advancement made to the university to ensure the safety and convenience of its students and faculty.

The new traffic light can be located on North River Road near the main entrance of campus. The placement of this light will give students and faculty the opportunity to travel from the east side of campus to the west side with ease.

The introduction of a second traffic light to campus will provide major benefits to the SNHU community.

Jim Winn, Associate Dean of Students in the Department of Public Safely, is very pleased with this improvement. “The new traffic light provides [various] benefits to the students. Attached to the light itself is a pedestrian push button similar to the one located across the dining hall,” said Winn.

“The traffic light will be [utilized] during peak times such as when class is getting out or at the end of each work day. The light will provide much more order to the area and in turn decrease vehicle wait time,” said Winn.

Multiple students on campus have already started to notice the new main entrance layout and the addition of the traffic light.

Junior Ashlee Lindsey stated, “I believe the intersection makes the entrance of SNHU look more official. The demand for the intersection [along with the traffic light] has only increased. Now pedestrians and those driving around campus can take advantage of the organization and safety of that four-way.”

Junior Rachel Hagen is also in favor of the new traffic light on campus. “I honestly think it’s a great thing. Every day after classes around 5p.m. I would see a police officer directing traffic, even on bitter cold winter days. I think it’s a good idea,” said Hagen.

Having the two traffic lights in close proximity to each other is designed to create a calming effect on traffic and increase the overall safety of the area.


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