Munchiez Voted Second Best College Food Truck in the Nation

On Monday, SNHU’s student-run and operated food truck, Munchiez Food Truck, placed second in Mobile Cuisine's 2018 College Food Truck of the Year contest. After 12,000 total votes, Virginia Tech came away with the top prize. Around 250 food trucks were submitted to Mobile Cuisine, an online resource blog based around the mobile food industry for food enthusiasts. Only 10 food trucks were selected

Fall F.A.R.E. to Bring Manchester Culture to Campus

SNHU On Campus paired with the SNHU social media team is kicking off their 4th annual Fall F.A.R.E (Food, Arts, Recreation, & Entertainment) on September 19 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the small gym. This event is designed to exhibit the different resources that are available to students in their local community. It is especially targeted at incoming first years and transfer students. The

Paul LeBlanc Uses Innovation to Steer Success

"Higher education as an industry is very tradition bound [and] changes slowly," said SNHU President Paul Leblanc. It takes a strong-willed risk-taker to break down the walls of tradition and build up new ones. LeBlanc is at the forefront of higher education and uses the process of innovation to create new breakthroughs within it. LeBlanc keeps himself in the conversation of innovation by allowing

SNHU Rush Week, 2018

To rush or not to rush. That is the question new and formerly acquainted students are faced with as they mull over the possibility of pursuing more involvement in Greek life this year. Rush week is a huge opportunity for committed or unsure students to informally prepare for a new brother or sisterhood at SNHU. SNHU boasts four tight-knit Greek organizations, all of which

Men’s Tennis Benefits from Training and Competition in Florida

While some students braved the frigid temperatures of the north for spring break, the SNHU men’s tennis team lounged pool-side under palm trees in the warm Florida air. They traveled to the sunshine state to compete in three challenging matches and receive top quality training from the country’s best tennis professionals in preparation for the Northeast-10 championships in April. The Penmen spent the first

Life is SNHUtiful

It’s getting to be that time of year when the lulls of winter and the burdens of endless class work depress much of the student body. Sometimes, all a stressed student feels like doing is crawling back into bed and shutting the blinds. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the beauty around. At times like this, people should look to nature to aid them with

2017’s Destination: SNHU Homecoming Brings Students and Alumni Together

October 13-15 SNHU saw an influx of families and alumni for the university's annual Homecoming. One that proved to be among the largest events in campus history. Homecoming at SNHU is often one of the largest and busiest weekends of the year. Events and activities are organized by many on campus clubs, organizations and offices, and new or old college students, alumni and faculty

New Traffic Light On Campus

SNHU has continued to make major improvements on campus. The addition of a new traffic light is just one more advancement made to the university to ensure the safety and convenience of its students and faculty. The new traffic light can be located on North River Road near the main entrance of campus. The placement of this light will give students and faculty the

SNHU Stands with Transgender Community

Southern New Hampshire University’s mission statement reads that by “relentlessly challenging the status quo and providing the best support in higher education, [SNHU] expands access to education by creating high quality, affordable and innovative pathways to meet the unique needs of each and every student.” One way SNHU has taken initiative in meeting the needs of its students has manifested in the newly built