Restaurant Spotlight: Roots Café Offers Creative Dishes in a Discreet Setting

When it comes to local eateries, sometimes the best food can be found at the most unique establishments. From the outside, Robie’s Country Store, located at 9 Riverside St. in Hooksett, is seen as a humble red building. Inside the store, a little café called Roots is cranking out creative breakfast and lunch items in a homey, quaint space. The structure was built in
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back! That’s right, it’s that time of the year again where we, the Penmen Press, welcomes all students, faculty and staff back to campus with our annual Welcome Back Issue.  Whether this is your first year, your last or somewhere in-between, we hope that you’re ready for it. This upcoming year is one that we at the Penmen Press are particularly excited about,

How to SNHU: Finding Community Service Opportunities

The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL), located in the the Green Center, is the place to go if you are looking to do any aspect of community service. The office has three sections to it, including Service Learning, Service Projects and Alternative Break. Service Learning is connected to classes at SNHU. Many sociology classes are service learning classes. This means that you have

How to SNHU: Microwave Recipes

There are many things the microwave can do besides heating up leftover food and making popcorn.  With the magic of the microwave, saving time and making tasty food is possible for everyone, even those who have limited experiences in the kitchen. It is useful to learn some microwave tricks for college students - meals, afternoon tea, midnight snacks, ANYTIME! Oil-free fried rice: To make

How to SNHU: Communicating with Professors

Connecting with professors, advisors and administrators is never as complicated as it seems, and they’re all here to help you if you let them. Understanding a few simple “ground rules” can help build relationships and effective communication. For example: All professors have office hours, and many post those on their office doors. Don’t be afraid to visit them in person. Introduce yourself on a

Clubs and Organizations: Student Government Association

The Southern New Hampshire University Student Government Association (SGA) strives to create community, boost campus pride, listen and act, and provide funding. We are comprised of five executive board members and 25 senators. Those who are part of the organization went through an elections process in either the spring or fall to obtain their roles. We meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays for Senate meetings, that

Clubs and Organizations: Culinary Student Association

It is no secret that food is vital to human existence, but to many of us, it is so much more than that. Food is a source of excitement, a facet of culture and a catalyst for innovation. SNHU’s Culinary Student Association (CSA) aims to give students the opportunity to sample unfamiliar products, learn new techniques, and broaden their culinary knowledge. CSA is run

Clubs and Organizations: Computer and Technology Club

The Computer Technology Club (CTC) is a club that enables students interested in computers and other technologies to come together and learn more about the field with fun member-driven projects. CTC provides a space where students can work together on IT projects with assistance from fellow members. Most recently, CTC worked on a ‘Smart Mirror’ project. The smart mirror is a two-way mirror with