Ruby Murphy holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa (image credit: Ruby Murphy)

For many people, college is a time to meet new people and try new things. The SNHU Study Abroad Office can help students do both. With 17 different programs on four different continents and a variety of semester, summer and year-long options, students are bound to find a study abroad program that appeals to them.

If they so choose, fashion merchandising, culinary management, marketing, hospitality, communication and graphic design students can have a program-oriented study abroad experience in Florence, Italy. University Honors students can receive honors credits in Rome, Italy, and international business students can experience how other countries conduct business at the Cologne Business School in Germany.

For those who are not looking for a program-oriented study abroad experience, there are still many options. SNHU has partnerships with universities in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Spain, Ecuador, Chile, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Japan and Mexico. Descriptions of each program can be found in the new study abroad pamphlet. 

Ruby Murphy, who studied abroad in Rome, Italy, visited England (image credit: Ruby Murphy)

“We encourage all students to study abroad, even if it’s not relevant to their major, to cultivate a global perspective, to be exposed and engage with differences and to get more awareness about other cultures and this changing world,” Study Abroad Director Stefano Parenti said.

Students who are hesitant to study abroad for financial reasons can rest assured knowing, “the cost of housing could be less and tuition is the same as if you stayed here on campus in Manchester, so why not go abroad?” Study Abroad Advisor Scott Snyder said. “We’ll also cover the full cost of your international health insurance as well as up to $1,000 of your roundtrip airfare, fall/spring terms only.”

College tends to be a time that pushes students out of their comfort zones, as many are adjusting to being away from home or in a new environment. Spending a semester abroad may seem nerve-wracking, but “we cannot think of living always in our comfort zone that over the years could become smaller and smaller,” Parenti said. “We must venture out into the world.”

Any student interested in studying abroad should save free electives, integration clusters and other general education credits for classes abroad, Snyder advised. Students can be on the lookout for information session flyers or stop in and talk to Snyder or Parenti, in Exeter Hall, rooms 38 and 40, respectively.

“It’s up to you to start the process for enhancing your higher education at SNHU,” Parenti said. “This is an opportunity of lifetime that in many ways will impact your personal and professional growth.”

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