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Social Media is the lifeblood of our generation. Thus, it should be no surprise that following the right people can make or break your college experience.

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but a solid feed of information about the goings-on of your campus community can do nothing but enrich your time at SNHU.

Following SNHU’s clubs and organizations will make sure you never have a night with nothing to do. CAPE(@CAPEatSNHU) are the Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events, and are responsible for events like SNHUStock and Welcome Back Weekend in September.

In a similar vein, SNHU Involvement (@SNHUInvolvement) posts regularly about events and activities going on campus-wide.

If one is looking to spend some time making a difference on or off campus, look no further than SNHU Serves (@SNHUserve). The Center for Community Engaged Learning posts about both opportunities for community service and activities for the SNHU community as a whole.

SNHU Athletics (@SNHUPenmen) is home to the latest in sports news and quality video content, courtesy of Penmen Productions (@SNHUvideo). If one were following over the summer, they may have noticed the regular updates on the construction of Penmen Stadium. Expect the best yet from both teams this year as they settle into their new spaces.

SNHU’s faculty are known to own healthy Twitter accounts, and regularly interact with and engage their students and one another. Communications professor and Penmen Press advisor Jon Boroshok (@JBWrites) posts enough dad jokes to ward of any inklings of homesickness. Also be sure to follow Dean of Students Heather Lorenz (@DeanofSNHUdents), Provost Patty Lynott (@SNHUProvost), and even President Paul Leblanc (@SNHUPrez), who delivers words of wisdom, travel photos and a genuine love for his school.

Last but not least, be sure to follow The Penmen Press (@PenmenPress). You’ll get our latest breaking stories and quality content straight to your news feed.

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