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Who, What and Where in the United Kingdom

The University of Essex is a public university in Colchester, England. The study abroad program offered at SNHU makes it possible for students to attend and study at that university. While in the United Kingdom, students are encouraged to explore all that the country has to offer. Madeline Frisella (‘20) studied abroad last semester at the University of Essex and stayed in Colchester, England.
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Push to Change Game Design Program in Sweden

The University of Skövde is a college located in Skövde, Sweden where game design students have the opportunity to study abroad and take classes based on their major alongside Swedish peers and other international students. According to Game Design Coordinator Ed Brillant, students studying abroad here often take drawing and introductory programming courses, in addition to general electives. Thomas Ordway (‘19) attended the program
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New Sicily Summer Program to Educate in Italian Language and Culture

This summer is the beginning of a new study abroad program where students will have the opportunity to travel to Syracuse Academy in Sicily, Italy, to learn the Italian language and culture. As of now, there are six students in the application process.  This five-week program is open to all students who want to join. Stefano Parenti, the director of Study Abroad and the
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Learn More About Study Abroad by Attending an Info Session

The Study Abroad Office at SNHU gives students the opportunity to travel around the world while continuing their education. It strives to offer students support both before and after their trip. The pre-departure experience includes various meetings intended to inform and engage the participants interested in studying abroad and determine where in the world is the right spot for them. For those interested in
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Students Cash in on Spending Money Abroad

Studying abroad gives students the chance to learn in another country, while also allowing them the opportunity to travel. Unfortunately, spending money while abroad can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are students spending money on weekend trips around the world, but they also want to make sure they have some money for extra spending. Luckily, many SNHU students who have had the opportunity
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Study Abroad Office Welcomes Russia as a New Partnership  

The Study Abroad Program at SNHU strives to provide students with the opportunity to travel the globe while continuing their education. This program works diligently to create partnerships with various countries, and as of now, SNHU has welcomed students to study in continents including Europe, South America and Asia.   Recently, SNHU has created a new partnership with Peter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, located in Russia. This new
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Culinary Major Dishes Out Details on European Cuisine

Amanda Richard, a culinary management major, is spending the first semester of her senior year in a country known internationally for its cuisine. While she has not had the opportunity to cook in her host family’s kitchen, she experiences Italian homecooked dinners five nights a week and has sampled other foods around Europe. In Italy, meals are separated into four courses There’s antipasto, first