How 2019 Housing Selection Changes Will Affect Students

With the start of a new year comes the start of a new housing selection process. Starting spring semester of 2019, SNHU will be making many changes to their housing selection process with the intention of increasing fairness for all students on campus. One of the biggest changes being made to is the removal of GPA from one's considerations. Associate Director for Housing Operations
Arts & Entertainment

“Spider-Man” Strikes Gold with “The Heist” Expansion

"The Heist," the first post-game DLC episode for Marvel’s "Spider-Man," is the first of a three part saga called "The City that Never Sleeps" and gives us more of the web-slinging experience we loved. It feels like a miniature version of the game with great character development along with engaging story missions. "The Heist" brings us back into the world of Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Sweden Study Abroad Relationship From on the Rocks to Ambitious Visions

At the beginning of the semester there were speculations about the future of the Study Abroad program at the University of Skövde in Skövde, Sweden for Game Design students. The major problem revolving the program was the lack of core classes that were available in English to SNHU students. Ed Brillant, the Game Design Coordinator, expressed the importance of being able to take major

Inkwell Studios is a Place for Collaboration and Creativity

Collaboration is key in any profession, and a space that allows people to work together is often one that cultivates success. The new Inkwell Studios in Robert Frost aims to welcome students from various disciplines to help create and develop projects with their peers in the game design programs. Inkwell Studios is one of the many new installments that was put into Robert Frost

SNHU Exceeds Expectations During Re-Accreditation

During the fall semester of 2018, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) had a basic re-accreditation done. Peterson’s Company tells us that, “Schools request to be evaluated and/or have their programs evaluated by an independent accrediting agency. The agency sets its own standards that the school must meet in order to earn their accreditation, and since accrediting agencies vary in their quality standards, some are

What Should We Expect from the New CETA Building?

As the roof for the new College of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics (CETA) building is put up, many students have been wondering about how the construction of the new CETA building is going so far. According to Angela Foss, the associate dean of operations and innovation for CETA, “We will have our first official classes in the building in January of 2020 and will

CETA Programs Re-Accredited

Starting this year, Southern New Hampshire Universitiy's College of Engineering Technology and Aeronautics (CETA) programs, Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Aeronautical Engineering (AE) have been accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET). According to Dr. Yan Xiang, the Dean of CETA, this accreditation from ABET is “a huge success for SNHU and CETA as a new engineering institute.” This is significant to

Meeting New RA’s on Campus

Every fall, SNHU students make the big adjustment of moving into their new residence halls. Those students are greeted by Resident Assistants (RAs), some who are brand new to the position and some who are veterans of working in the Office of Residence Life. However, each RA has the same goal: to make their residents feel at home. Sara Einsmann ('21) is an RA

Breaking Ground for the New CETA Building

SNHU is breaking ground again, this time for the new College of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics (CETA) building. For now, the construction site can be found next to Washington Hall, far from the current CETA building located on Victory Lane. According to Patty Lynott, the president of university college, “The construction is projected to be complete in the fall of 2019.  We anticipate the