Students Cash in on Spending Money Abroad

Studying abroad gives students the chance to learn in another country, while also allowing them the opportunity to travel. Unfortunately, spending money while abroad can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are students spending money on weekend trips around the world, but they also want to make sure they have some money for extra spending. Luckily, many SNHU students who have had the opportunity

Get Cultured in the Differences Between US and UK Living

The SNHU Study Abroad Office gives all its students the opportunity to get a feel for a new culture in various countries around the world. One of these countries in particular is England. Isaiah Banker-Reynolds, a business information technology major, is currently spending the first half of his second year at SNHU in Colchester, England, at the University of Essex. While being abroad in

Get a Jump Start on Your Semester Abroad

Florence University of the Arts (FUA), located in Italy, offers students studying abroad there an opportunity to arrive a week before classes start. This early start program gives all students involved a full week to get ahead with adapting to their new surroundings. Breana Diaz, a fashion merchandising and management major, is currently spending the first semester of her senior year at FUA. She