Hop on Board the “Gravy Train” at CAPE’s Major Concert This Spring

Yung Gravy will be performing at this year's Major Concert. CAPE announced the news at last month's Drag Queen Sex Toy Bingo. The rapper has grown popular in mainstream media and is known for titles such as "Mr. Clean" and "Gravy Train." This year will be the first time the concert takes place outside of SNHU grounds. "In the past, we have had our
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Club Spotlight: Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is a community where SNHU writers can come together and share their work with like-minded people. Following the Involvement Fair, the Creative Writing Club continues to see an increase in membership. The club was revived in the Fall '21 semester after it went dormant during the remote year. Creative Writing Club Secretary Thomas Matuszewski ('23), shared his thoughts on the